Launchmetrics Solutions: How to Tap Into the Chinese Market?

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Entering the Chinese market? Struggling to find the right metrics to measure your local performance? Looking for KOLs to collaborate with?

Welcome to Launchmetrics Solutions – a series of live demos, where we introduce you to our products, answer the most anticipated questions, cover industry's biggest pain points and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you're an established brand with extensive experience in marketing in China or have just entered the market, understanding the current landscape and performance of your campaigns will become crucial in making further decisions.

We already know that replicating practices from your Western markets won’t work at all for reaching out to Chinese consumers. The differences in culture, user behavior, platforms, tools and interaction are evident. That's why developing marketing strategies in China will require a significant research and analysis of the market prior to making any business decisions.

Watch the live demo recording to learn:

  • Metrics you need to consider to understand the performance of your marketing strategies in China
  • How to perform a multi-dimensional analysis of KOL data to choose the best brand advocator and secure long-term collaboration
  • How to identify the right channels to reach the right audience via the right content (including Weibo, Wechat, Douyin, RED and more)

Gracie Zhou – VP of Sales APAC

Aleksandra Rakowska – Business Marketing Executive