Launchmetrics Solutions: How to Effectively Manage your Samples to Increase Efficiency

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Losing samples? Trying to find the best tool for your teams to manage samples? Looking to increase your sample management efficiency?

Welcome to Launchmetrics Solutions – a series of live demos, where we introduce you to our products, answer the most anticipated questions, cover an industry's biggest pain points, and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Samples are key assets for any fashion brand. They are sent to publications, influencers, or buyers with the aim of generating valuable editorial and business opportunities. Lost or missing samples are not only costly to replace (often irreplaceable) but also result in missed editorial coverage and in turn, lost sales.

While the loss of one sample might account for a unit cost of $2, the impact of losing, missing or sending late samples can contribute to up to $10 million in loss every year.

Watch the live demo to learn:

  • How to cut your operating losses by up to 95% and improve efficiency by 80%
  • What RFID tracking is and how it can help you optimize product management processes, minimizing their environmental footprint
  • Increase your PR coverage by up to 98%

Trent Cummins

Launchmetrics Key Account Director

Aleksandra Rakowska

Launchmetrics Business Marketing Executive