Launchmetrics Solutions: How to Optimize your Sample Management

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Samples getting lost on the way from manufacturing to the photo studio? Having trouble locating samples in a warehouse or archive? Looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact?

Welcome to Launchmetrics Solutions – a series of live demos, where we introduce you to our products, answer the most anticipated questions, cover industry’s biggest pain points, and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Samples travel a lot – with the rise of digitization, larger volumes of samples are moving at a quicker pace, over a shorter period of time. In order to keep up in a digital landscape, within an increasingly saturated market, the sample process flow has changed for most brands in the industry, and with the high number of steps involved in fashion's launch-to-market, the chances of losing or misplacing samples increases significantly.

It is important not only that samples are accounted for, but also that they easily transfer cross-departments and reach photo studios and digital creators on time in order to up brand profitability, and increase both awareness and sales. Whilst the loss of one sample might account for a unit cost of $2 for example, the impact of losing, missing or sending late samples can represent up to $10 million in some cases.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • How to facilitate the flow of information and improve efficiency by 80%
  • How to optimize internal processes and cut operating losses by up to 95%
  • How to easily find misplaced samples using RFID tracking technology

Trent Cummins Key Account Director

Aleksandra Rakowska Business Marketing Executive