Through SMCP's Eyes: How to leverage sample management for your PR coverage

A virtual event to talk about how to leverage samples for your PR Coverage

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Fashion samples and sample management, are a critical part of the collection launch process and are vital to obtaining pr coverage and increase your ROI (Return On Investment). Therefore, managing and tracking samples efficiently are key to increasing brand awareness and boosting the performance of your brand and collection. If managed well, you can eliminate any inefficiencies in your samples strategy, reduce operating costs, streamline the work flow between teams & departments, accelerate the time to market and overall improve your brand performance.

During a special discussion with Tessa (Millman) O’Connell, Senior Public Relations Manager of Digital and Brand Communications at SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot) and Tatiana Ferreira, our Chief Customer Officer at Launchmetrics, the webinar will take place on October 27th and will take a deep dive into how to revolutionise your sample strategy. You’ll learn all about SMCP’s media & product placement strategy and get insights into what led them to significantly improve their sample & overall brand performance as well as increasing views, engagement, and Media Impact Value™. You will get deep insights on the main challenges global brands face when managing samples and understand what are the key takeaways and tactics to overcome these challenges. You'll also learn more about the power of collaborations for your brand and how to implement them in your marketing strategy.

What to expect during the webinar:

  • A base understanding of sample management explained through the main challenges for global brands
  • SMCP’s media and product placement strategy – highlighting the tactics and communication strategy that led them to increased views, engagement, and Media Impact Value™
  • How does SMCP manage samples using Launchmetrics’ solutions
  • The key elements for amplifying your brand coverage, including collaborations and choosing the right Voices
  • live discussion with the team at SMCP and Launchmetrics. You’ll be able to send in your questions and participate.


Tessa (Millman) O'Connell, Senior Public Relations Manager of Digital and Brand Communications at SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot)
Tessa is a Public Relations professional with a strong focus on the luxury fashion and retail sectors. She is a master in press release creation, full scale pitches, event planning, fashion show management, styling projects, as well as Influencer outreach and celebrity relations.

Tatiana Ferreira, Chief Customer Officer at Launchmetrics.
Tatiana, Launchmetrics’ Chief Customer Officer, joined the company in 2011 as Client Relations Manager handling customer success in the US before going on to manage the team as Director of Client Relations. Additionally, she has served as the company’s Chief Experience Officer where she founded the Launchmetrics Academy to provide training and development to all employees. Tatiana holds a degree in Marketing and Information Systems from Loyola University, Maryland.