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Disrupting Internal Processes: How Digital Transformation Impacts Business Today

digital transformation report

We have partnered with Internet Retailing, to bring you our latest report: Disrupting Internal Processes: How Digital Transformation Impacts Business Today. The report takes a deep dive into how technology is transforming the fashion industry today, and how innovation is pushing brands to implement new digital processes in order to serve new digitally-savvy consumers. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, between 2016 and 2018, industrialized companies invested over 1 billion dollars in scaling digital innovations and brands need to look both internally and externally when digitizing processes in order to compete in a tech-shrouded industry.

In this digital transformation report, you will find:

  • Insights from leading industry experts from Internet Retailing, Smythson and Hugo Boss to name a few.
  • The current state and context of digital transformation in the industry, by the numbers.
  • The impact of new roles in IT such as CTOs, CIOs and Heads of Digital Transformation.
  • An analytical look at digital transformation in the fashion industry as well as featured case studies on Debenhams and Kate Spade.

More about the report:

This report will examine how businesses have become more efficient both internally and externally, through the phenomenon of digital transformation. You will be able to explore Kate Spade New York’s Internal Transformation, get industry expert insights from Internet Retailing and get an analytical look at the position of technology in the industry. Additionally, we highlight how implementing new tools and technologies is key in today’s digital landscape, but also implies big internal challenges to consider such as from the human perspective, the financial perspective and the operational perspective.

Download the report to discover the content, articles, and interviews you need to better understand how internal processes will impact your businesses of today and enable you to achieve high performance and determine success as a company!