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Reinventing Influence: The Gen Z Impact on Fashion Marketing

fashion marketing report cover showing gen z consumers

Generation Z is rewriting the rules of fashion marketing, forcing brands to adapt to a new era of value-driven, authentic, and community-focused interactions. As traditional fashion marketing approaches are upended, key questions arise: How are fashion and sportswear brands staying relevant?

Which Gen Z influencers are dominating the spotlight for brands? How have evolving marketing strategies impacted brand positioning? In the wake of the pandemic, these changes have accelerated, amplifying the need for brands to adapt swiftly to meet the demands of a digitally savvy and socially conscious consumer base. To provide a comprehensive understanding of these seismic shifts, Launchmetrics' team of fashion and lifestyle industry experts has meticulously gathered and analyzed data spanning three years post-pandemic, leveraging our proprietary metric Media Impact Value® (MIV®).

This in-depth analysis delves into the top 20 fashion and sportswear brands in each segment – luxury, premium, and mass market – shedding light on the strategies that have propelled them to the forefront of consumer consciousness. The report also identifies the most influential Gen Z Voices and global celebrities who are driving brand visibility and engagement, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Brand Performance.

By examining the trends and patterns that have emerged over the past three years, brands can glean actionable insights to navigate the fashion marketing terrain and forge meaningful connections with the most influential consumer demographic of today.

What you'll find in this data and insights report...

  • Benchmarks of top 20 fashion and sportswear brands in luxury, premium and mass market, from 2020 to 2023.
  • Case studies of brands that saw the most growth and how they’ve successfully targeted Gen Z
  • Top 20 overall Gen Z-aged influencers according to MIV and how they’re connecting with today’s audience
  • A list of the most impactful celebrities across the globe for all segments in fashion and sportswear
  • Key, actionable takeaways to help you level up your Gen Z fashion marketing efforts

More about this report and fashion marketing reports:

From analyzing industry brand benchmarks, to breaking down the Voices (media, influencer, celebrity, owned and partner) generating impact, gaining insight into your competitor’s performance is imperative. That’s why we’ve crafted this thorough data report – so you can dive into the most effective strategies and tactics and take back learnings to help boost your own marketing and PR efforts, and improve ROI.