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PR Monitoring Survival Guide

PR Monitoring

Understanding whether your PR Monitoring strategy is worth the time and money invested is no easy feat. It used to be a matter of simply tracking fashion magazines or red carpet events, but now, with all of the social media channels and digital magazines, it’s essential to have a strong monitoring strategy to track coverage and measure your performance. Throughout this ebook you’ll learn all of the key aspects to bear in mind when defining your monitoring strategy.

What you’ll discover in this eBook…

  • The best way to track coverage, encompassing online and offline media.
  • Whether monitoring platforms actually work and what they factor in.
  • Tips on the best way to measure your efforts
  • The metrics you should use to accurately assess performance

More about this eBook on PR Monitoring:

From print and online, to the now monumental presence of social media, brands face the challenge of monitoring their PR efforts across three contrasting media channels. As a result, in this e-book, we endeavor to answer an array of important questions such as how to get the best tracking coverage, do monitoring platforms actually works and what are the top products, key works and regions to invest in it?

Download the report to get an answer on these topics and help you better define a monitoring strategy to ensure you’re making the most of your PR efforts to ensure top brand performance and top Media Impact Value™.