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10 Ways to Streamline your PR Services
[eBook + Template]

A Guide for Lifestyle Agencies in the Digital Era + A Template for Your Clients’ Reports
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The role of lifestyle agencies has become more dynamic and demanding than ever before with digital innovations transforming the fashion, luxury and cosmetic industry. Brands are seeking ways to amplify their voices in an oversaturated global market and need guidance to boost their communications strategies. As an agency striving to offer the best services to fulfill these needs, optimizing and streamlining processes is essential in order to keep up and offer a seamless experience for clients.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a 10-step guide to help your agency make the most of every service offered to fashion, luxury and cosmetic brands. By downloading this ebook you will also receive a free template for your clients’ reports.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • How to put together a killer proposal to win over a potential client.
  • How to cut down on time when managing samples, events and reports.
  • How to help your clients’ gain exposure internationally.
  • Ways to maintain your clients happy and ensure loyalty.
Fill in the form below and you'll receive the PR kit via email