The Top 10 Luxury Sneakers and Voices of H1 by Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) 

Who are the industry’s top players?

Top 10 Luxury Sneakers and Voices of H1 by
Media Impact Value™ (MIV®)

$120 billion - That’s how much the global sneaker market is estimated to be worth by 2026. But did you know that sneakers also own over 30% of the Luxury market’s $2.7BN MIV® share?

Sneakers are one of the most important categories in Fashion and Luxury sneakers stay trending because they evolve with the times. They’re sought-after cultural commodities.

Consumers are mix-and-matching high-end with accessibility, and brands are cottoning onto this lucrative market. More Luxury names continue to target market share of traditional sportswear brands such as Adidas and Nike. It’s all a bid to enter this dynamic and evolving consumer space through strategic sneaker marketing.

And, over the years, certain Voices have fuelled the need for collaboration. Michael Jordan and Nike’s Air Jordans quickly became a ‘go-to’ sneaker for consumers in the 90’s. Suddenly, even ‘commercial’ became cool (and a lot more profitable). Many brands were inspired by this collaborative sneaker marketing technique.

Today, as competition becomes fiercer in the sneaker and luxury space, brands must work harder to identify and strategically harness marketing and media impact opportunities. How? By identifying and assessing the data behind the industry’s biggest players.

That’s why, in our new ranking, we’ve identified the top 10 sneakers from the first half of the year (by MIV®). We even share how many placements it took for brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Nike to make a media impact. 

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Top 5 Luxury Sneakers in H1 by MIV®








America’s Cup




Triple S








Martine Rose x Nike Shox MR4




Speed Trainer


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And that’s not all. Our additional ranking of each sneaker’s top Voice allows you to review which partnerships garnered the most coverage impact to inform your own strategies. Find out whether Owned Media, Influencers, or Celebrities are your ticket to Luxury sneaker and sportswear success.

Get ahead in the Luxury sneaker game, boost your brand performance, and out-play the competition. We’ve given you a glimpse of the top five, but download our top 10 ranking today to discover if you made the list, and how close you are to overtaking your closest competitors.

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Top 5 Luxury Sneakers Voices in H1 by MIV®

Prada's chunky statement sneaker stepped out across media channels, but its top Voice for coverage impact came from HighSnobiety. The sneaker and dress show crossover was showcased and reviewed in one dedicated article from the global fashion and lifestyle media outlet, helping to drive $33K in MIV® for Prada.

Media: Highsnobiety x Prada

The Triple S Trainer from Balenciaga, garnered $82K in MIV® with a little help from HighSnobiety. The global fashion, lifestyle and media brand reports on fashion for men, along with art, music and culture. The team predicts and covers trends and news across the fashion and luxury landscape, making this a strategic placement aimed directly at the sneaker’s key consumers.

Media: HighSnobiety x Balenciaga

Dior used it’s platform of over 44 million followers to amplify its Luxury sneaker, Walk’N’Dior. A placement on the Fashion giant’s own account catapulted its media coverage, earning $263K in MIV® and establishing the brand’s third place position in our overall ranking. It goes to show that, sometimes, partnerships aren’t always the best option for impact.

Owned Media: Dior

It’s no surprise that Hypebeast makes an appearance in our top Voice ranking. The dedicated site for men's contemporary fashion and streetwear is a prime platform for Luxury sneaker promotion. In this case, the amplification of Nike and designer Martine Rose’s efforts won the collaboration $69.5K in MIV® through a Hong Kong-based placement, highlighting the importance of regional Voice strategies.

Media: Hypebeast Hong Kong x Nike

Hypebeast makes a second appearance in our Voice ranking, proving Media to be a popular outlet for Luxury sneaker amplification. In this case, the US proved to be a more lucrative region for media impact, as a placement featuring Balenciaga’s Speedtrainer helped the brand achieve a total $50.4K in MIV®.

Media: Hypebeast US x Balenciaga

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