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Voices of Fashion: The Strategies Shaping the Stories Behind Brand Performance

An Insights Report for Marketers to Optimize Their 2024 Campaigns

Did you know that the Fashion industry accumulated $64.3B Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) in 2023? That’s a +24% increase compared to 2022. Despite global economic challenges and fast-changing trends across the landscape, Fashion is not slowing down. But while our data underlines fashion resilience, it emphasizes the critical need for strategic adaptability.

This detailed report is built in partnership with Puck, the online media company revolutionizing the industry by offering access to the inaccessible through their coverage of cultural power corners, including entertainment, media, finance, politics, and fashion.

The content is authored by the platform's Special Correspondent, Lauren Sherman. Leveraging Lauren's wealth of experience on the industry front line, Lauren’s commentary complements and brings to life the data insights pulled from our powerful proprietary algorithm, Media Impact Value™. We unveil Fashion marketing trends and strategic Voice approaches breaking through the noise to dominate the Media.

Our data analysis of +1,000 brands across the Luxury, Mass Market and Premium Fashion segments unravels the industry's evolution over the past year. The focus? Brand Performance and strategic marketing trends. While the Media Voice remains a dominant force in driving MIV® across segments, the impact of cross-Voice strategies in amplifying marketing efforts is undeniable. These tactics not only elevate individual Voices but also influence and propel the performance of the Media Voice itself. Whatever Voice you choose to amplify messaging in 2024, this guide reveals plans required across the Mix to penetrate the Media Voice and sustain success.

Unveil the State of the Industry and Most Effective Brand Tactics

Whether you favour the Celebrity, Influencer, Owned Media or Partner Voice, we've got a vast array of insights to bolster your Brand Performance and catapult you into the Media sphere. Our report digs deep into the data behind the year's biggest campaigns and moments:

  • Analyzing Year-Over-Year Media Impact Value™ Evolution Across Fashion Segments: Luxury, Premium, and Mass-Market
  • Dressing Pop-Stars for Spectacles that Garner Exposure
  • From the Court to the Catwalk: Athletes Redefining Fashion
  • Leveraging Influencer Weddings and Personal Moments for Brand Exposure
  • The Power of Creative Director Appointments in Amplifying Cross-Voice Echo
  • Reviving Brand Nostalgia: Barbie Collaborations in the World of Fashion
  • A summary of key takeaways and marketing trends to help you plan for success

We also include real campaign examples and data from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Saint Laurent, Loewe, Balmain, Zara, Fila and more.

Discover how each Voice strategy informs evolving trends that continue to influence the content steering future Fashion Brand Performance.