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Women Powering Fashion 2018

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The people who work in the fashion industry may predominantly be female, yet the number of women at the helm of companies or in executive roles is limited. As we tune into the news or scroll through our Instagram accounts to see hashtags such as #TimesUp or #WomenEmpowerment trending, it is undeniable that women across all industries are calling for change and seeking equality.

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the female leaders in our industry, bringing their achievements into the spotlight. Our team of Data Experts have crunched the numbers across social and online platforms to bring you a list of 50 note-worthy #WomenPoweringFashion, along with their top article mentions and a “mapping” to show who is talking about these outstanding leaders, and where they’re generating the most buzz.

What you’ll discover:

  • Who’s shaping the industry in fashion organizations, retail, ecommerce, design, tech and sustainability.
  • Where these women are talked about the most in the world.
  • Top articles about each of these women across online media.
Fill in the form below and you'll receive the ebook via email