How The 223 Agency Optimizes Sample Management & Maximizes Coverage for its Clients


The 223 Agency & Launchmetrics

Founded in May 2020 by Stephen Lawton and Harriet Spence, The 223 Agency is a fashion PR company based in London. It is the agency of 20+ brands and it serves as the connective tissue between its clients and 80+ publishers.

Their Challenge

For PR agencies such as The 223 Agency that manage many client brands with a high number of samples, being organized and efficient in sample management is a top priority. The agency was facing a sample loss rate of approximately 2 - 3 items per season, per brand on average. This presented the agency with a real need to tackle this issue. This high rate of sample loss per season was resulting in poor operational efficiency, with team members responsible for manually trying to track samples across more than 20 brands. The high sample loss rate also meant low usage per sample, meaning that the agency's brands were missing out on important editorial opportunities.

The Solution

With Launchmetrics' Samples platform, The 223 Agency is able to drive operational efficiency by reducing the considerable manual labor that goes into tracking sample requests and send-out's. In addition, the agency now rarely loses samples due to the tracking capabilities of the Launchmetrics technology. Finally, with improved efficiency and transparency, The 223 Agency is able to garner higher PR coverage and sample usage for its customers, maximizing brand exposure and increasing the brand performance of it's clients.

The Result

  • The 223 Agency efficiently manages over 2K samples each month for its 20+ clients using Launchmetrics' Samples platform
  • By switching to Launchmetrics from Excel spreadsheets, the agency now saves 3 hours per day on average, with minimal manual labour needed
  • Thanks to Launchmetrics' tracking capabilities, The 223 Agency was able to reduce its sample loss by 92%

"Launchmetrics’ Samples is an essential tool for our agency to manage our loans and inventory – we refer to the platform as “the Bible”; it makes my job much less time -consuming and manual.”

Founder & Director at The 223 Agency

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