Watch Brand Ranking: Rising Demand and Q1 Strategies

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements Avg. MIV®
1. Breguet $7.5M 3.6K $2.1K
2. Franck Muller $4.6M 2.3K $1.9K
3. Bremont $2.3M 1.3K $1.7K
4. Carl F. Bucherer $1.6M 870 $1.8K
5. Balmain Watches $1.1M 119 $8.9K

The Insights Behind the Watch Brand Ranking

In the face of economic turbulence worldwide, businesses are experiencing fluctuations in performance, and consumer purchasing behavior is shifting. But, according to McKinsey, luxury goods like watches are expected to see increased demand this year due to their investment value. This trend places added pressure on watch wear brands to elevate their strategies and stay top-of-mind for consumers while outshining competitors.

We have assessed the performance of 5 watch wear brands during Q1, analyzing their winning strategies.

  • Asia has emerged as a standout region with the best performing countries for Breguet, Franck Muller, Carl F. Bucherer, and Balmain watches. Breguet's performance in China alone generated $1.43M in Media Impact Value (MIV®).
  • Brands have leveraged the engagement that Media and Influencers bring, securing exposure to a wider customer base.
  • Red Carpets are a prime opportunity for brands to forge Celebrity partnerships and influence consumer’ choices. Director Jimmy Chin generated $150K MIV® for Bremont at the Oscars.

With a growing demand for watches, it's paramount for brands to innovate and capture consumer attention. Delving into your brand’s performance analytics will ensure a winning strategy by comparing competitors performance and finding areas of opportunity. Discover where your brand stands and start leveraging key insights to skyrocket results.

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