Leading the Race: Insights into Sportswear Brands Q1 Performance

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Rank Brand MIV® Placements Avg. MIV®
1. Nike $799M 207K $3.9K
2. Hoka $39.4M 14.4K $2.7K
3. Mizuno $14.7M 7.5K $1.9K
4. On Running $13.0M 3.4K $3.8K
5. Saucony $12.9M 4.9K $2.6K

The Insights Behind the Sportswear Brands Ranking

As we move beyond the Boston Marathon, excitement grows for the Olympics and Paralympics in July, shining a light on the sportswear industry. McKinsey predicts a consistent 7% annual growth in the sportswear market until 2027, underscoring the need for brands to assess their standing. With changing consumer preferences leaning towards accessible sports, brands have an opportunity to win the loyalty of a wider audience globally.

In our latest analysis of Q1 performance, we've analyzed the strategies of five prominent brands, uncovering three key winning approaches.

  • Instagram emerged as a key platform in Nike ranking’s success, generating $262M in Media Impact Value (MIV®) through strategic promotion by Media, Influencers and Celebrities.
  • Brands are capturing everyday athletes’ attention through Influencers and Celebrities. Prominent figures like Kylian Mbappé contributed $1.47M in MIV® for Nike through one placement.
  • Media became a powerful catalyst for sportswear by showcasing new releases, brand collaborations, store openings and celebrities endorsement.

To ascend to the summit as the leading brand all year-round, introspection is essential. Analyzing your current position and understanding your competitors' winning strategies provide invaluable insights. By leveraging these learnings, you can identify areas for enhancement, refine your approach, and propel brand performance. Discover now, where your brand stands!

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