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#LaunchmetricsProTips Chapter 5: Measure your Event's Success in Real-Time

Gina Gulberti

In this new series #LaunchmetricsProTips, we will walk you through Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud and event management software, as well as its different solutions and applications. Through short videos, discover all the benefits and features that each app has to offer, starting with Events. Today, we will talk you through how to measure your event marketing's success in real-time.

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Events are a great way to share about an upcoming collection or campaign launch and celebrate with special guests.

Now, there are many logistics involved in planning and managing an event, but once the event ends, what happens? 

Well, it is the perfect moment to see how the event went and review the successes and overall event performance. This is the time when reporting and measuring your event are crucial next steps.

So what are the KPIs for event management? When looking at event metrics, the ideal is to look at the event confirmations, RSVPs, and the overall attendance. If it was a digital or livestream event, the average attendance duration and event duration can also be explored.

But what is an easy way to review your event without manually going through your emails and search through documents for that printed attendance list?

In this latest #LaunchmetricsProTips video, we will learn how to measure your event’s success using the event management software 'Events' by Launchmetrics.

In the Reporting features of Events by Launchmetrics, you can easily grab a Master List of all the guests that attended your event, view exactly where they sat during the in-person event, who RSVP’d via email and when, and also upload any event documents so you have all the details housed in one place. The RSVP content can be pulled throughout the event planning journey and in real-time while the Master Attendance list and event duration details should be reviewed after the event for increased accuracy. Essentially, the reporting features show your event measurement metrics.

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Put simply, it is a way to close out all the details of your event, and once you have measured your event you can always go back into your archives and benchmark the experience with another event from the past. Essentially, Events by Launchmetrics is the leading event management software that allows you to create, share and measure all your events, whether it's an in-person event, a digital event, or a hybrid event.

Another thing to note is that event performance and results can be gathered for any in-person, digital, or hybrid events, and in Launchmetrics' latest case study with Hearst Spain, you can learn more about how Hearst Spain pivoted their in-person events strategy to a digital one due to the COVID-pandemic. Although the event organization was a bit different digitally than physically, they ended up having an increase in event confirmation rate by 30% due to their digital events strategy. 

The future looks bright for events as it moves towards hybrid formats, but one thing is for sure, measuring your event’s success using strong event management software is key! 

Check out our case study with Hearst Spain to explore more about event experiences and performance. 

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