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KnowyourMIV® with Emili Sindlev

Céline Sabbagh

Welcome to our series #KnowYourMIV. In this article we are looking into the fashion influencer and creative director, Emili Sindlev.

Emili is a Danish fashion figure who started her career as a fashion assistant for a magazine called Cover, and not long after this she was offered a full time position there as a stylist. Since then, Emili has taken her knowledge of the fashion industry and established her own company while working as a freelance stylist and a full time fashion influencer. Over the years, Emili has gained a large following on social media totalling 778K followers on Instagram. Emili has also captured the attention of industry leaders with her colourful and playful style. She was even awarded Elle’s 2018 Style Icon of the Year award. Suffice to say Emili has well earned the reputation as one of the most influential content creators in fashion today. This is why in this article we are analysing the impact Emili Sindlev made during Fashion Week on social media by using our proprietary data algorithm called Media Impact Value™ (MIV®).

#KnowYourMIV: Emili Sindlev

With her keen sense of style and colourful content, Emili Sindlev has managed to gather over half a million followers across her social media channels. She is most active on Instagram where she has 778K followers and posts a variety of content from feed posts to reels. You can also find Emili on TikTok where she has 13,9K followers. Needless to say, Emili is actively providing her large audience content across these two platforms and during Fashion Month, Emili has generated over $1.1M in total MIV® with 93 social placements. 

A majority of her total MIV® comes from Instagram where she gathered a total of $1.1M in MIV® with 80 placements while generating $23K in MIV® from TikTok. 

Emili’s top post is an Instagram feed post from a coffee shop this October, wearing a Miu Miu sweater with a caption “Morning matcha”. Composed of 9 images, this post generated a total MIV® of $43.8K.

Emili’s second best performing post is an instagram reel from the New York Fashion Week 2022. In the reel, Emili is showing off her fashion week look from LuisaViaRoma, posing in pink from lip to skirt. The reel generated $34.6K in total MIV®.

Emili Sindlev is also active on TikTok and her best performing post on the platform is a reel featuring a paid partnership with jewelry brand Georg Jensen. The post features Emili wearing the brand’s jewellery and this TikTok generated a total MIV® of $13.4K.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of #KnowYourMIV where we analyzed the data behind the influencer Emili Sindlev.

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