Introducing Launchmetrics

Launchmetrics Content Team

Nearly fourteen years ago I was a tech-geek, consulting for a PR company when I had the ah-ha-can-i-really-do-this? moment to build out what would become the flagship product of Fashion GPS.

10,403 events, 1.5 million invitations, countless samples tracked and 300 clients with over 100% renewal, there was always a bit more that we could do to improve and grow and most importantly, attain a growth that aligns with the new direction for the industry. Today, I am so thankful and honored to announce the merge of Fashion GPS with Augure, a global powerhouse in Influencer Marketing Software to build a new entity, Launchmetrics.

It’s been a passionate and an audacious, crazy and fantastic ride building out technology for fashion. I’ve met and worked with so many inspiring and brilliant people along the way who have really shaped the company into what it is today. Throughout the years I’ve always had faith in listening to our customers and investing in data and technology, knowing that would steer us in the right direction. We’ve listened to you, identified areas of improvement and have found our match with Augure.

In ten years, our client’s needs are vastly different than they were when I created Fashion GPS. For better or worse, influencer marketing has become it’s own force of nature reshaping how the fashion world operates. Augure is the perfect match for us because they’ve foreseen the expansion, and have built the tools to tackle the influencer marketing conundrum.

So, what is Launchmetrics? We ultimately chose the name because we want to help launch brands to market with data and insights. Concept to consumer, iterated upon. Now, marketing and communication professionals within brands and agencies will be able to:

  • Identify and engage media and social influencers from a search engine of over 4M contacts indexed by 100 types of verified criteria and metrics.
  • Leverage digital and mobile solutions for efficient event production Create virtual showrooms to expand global reach
  • Strategize and streamline global product sampling to maximize editorial exposure
  • Amplify, capture and measure social virality and value across all launch-to-market efforts

For Michael and me, this is an exhilarating new chapter. Michael will run Launchmetrics as the CEO and I will now serve as the President. Consider me the DVF to Stephen Kolb…now where’s my yacht?… Just kidding. I will remain more active than ever in the growth, development and expansion of Launchmetrics. Michael is an excellent partner and we both have built our businesses centered around innovation. Together, with our tremendous global team, we will push the vision and capabilities of our products to new levels and truly support our customers on a global scale. Fashion will serve as a core industry for us, but we will also look to growth in luxury and beauty, and beyond.

Cheers to a new beginning!

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