Talking Sustainability & Trade Shows with Claudia Mynott, Marketing & Communications Director at Munich Fabric Start

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In the world of trade shows and textiles, Munich Fabric Start has placed itself at the forefront when it comes to implementing greener practices and using its platform to educate the fashion community on sustainability and technology. With the Spring/Summer'21 edition of Munich Fabric Start taking place, we spoke to Claudia Mynott, the Marketing & Communications Director at Munich Fabric Start, about the continued success of their trade fair, the challenges that the industry faces, and promoting sustainability.


The Spring/Summer '21 season is upon us. How has Munich Fabric Start built on its success year upon year?

At Munich Fabric Start, we consistently react to the upcoming changes in evolving markets, developing as a business as we do. Building on strong partnerships and new collaborations is key for us, and our aim is to facilitate a business platform with numerous services, where networking is key in establishing these collaborations. We rely on certainty, transparency, and information. Meanwhile, we motivate and inspire our exhibitors and visitors with the relevant topics of tomorrow. This credibility and dynamic are what distinguishes us from other trade fairs within the sector.

What would you say is one of the main challenges you face today in communications?

The complexity of the industry also impacts communications – so our goal and our challenge is to share relevant and comprehensive information with the right people. The customer's increasing awareness and need for information offer a unique opportunity for fabric producers and us to communicate directly with retailers and consumers. More than ever, education is key. This is how we view ourselves, as a significant catalyst within the sector, focusing on innovative material developments and an event program that incorporates expert panels and seminars.


How are you incorporating technology into your trade fair?

With the creation of KEYHOUSE four years ago, we took a clear position to underline the importance of both sustainability and digitization that will change processes within the fashion industry. We encourage our exhibitors and visitors to present and explore the topics of the future and share information that demonstrates the evolving product development process that's being driven by technology. As an innovative hub, the KEYHOUSE presents the strongest solutions to new textile technologies answering to changing industry demands. This think tank gives an insight into the topics of the future, be it innovative material resources or pioneering production processes. Technology is the driving force behind innovation. 

How is Munich Fabric Start implementing sustainable practices? And what do trade fairs need to be conscious of in their planning?

With ReSOURCE, Munich Fabric Start has established an advanced sourcing platform, presenting around 800 articles that demonstrate new dimensions of sustainability for innovative and future proof production. We have crafted a forum supported by leading industry experts that provides solutions for green practices. To increase the information and education flow at the upcoming show, we have designated special information islands staffed by industry experts who will share their know-how and answers to fundamental questions regarding the sustainable value chain.

In addition, we developed a comprehensive icon guide system that will label the specific sustainable and technical functions of all samples in the trend forums and areas. To us, the conscious planning of trade fairs should include measures taken within the show's organization. For example, evaluating decisions based on the materials you use. This is why we use recyclable carpets, water-soluble colors without additives, and reusable, color-neutral, high-quality materials for stand construction. Furthermore, it is necessary for trade shows to develop its portfolio of innovative products according to the movement of the market.


What do you think is the future of trade shows? Will there be more digital practices?

Trade shows will be all about building a strong network of forward-thinking innovators, from companies to retailers. Connecting with like-minded people and resulting collaborations will define the landscape of future events. Also, a constant flow of information at the fairs, as well as between them, will get more and more important for people to be constantly informed about the developments and changes in the industry. The number of new digital practices, like digital sampling, is also definitely going to increase.

However, establishing and nurturing business relationships with like-minded people over the course of the event will remain a decisive factor for shows. Furthermore, we are still living in a world whereby fabrics are the ultimate tactile elements that convince designers and buyers of the real touch and feel.


Munich Fabric Start will run from the 4th to the 6th of February 2020, where Launchmetrics is an official partner. Join us at KEYHOUSE at 5pm on the 5th of February for a talk on technology's role in successful marketing campaigns.

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