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Across the posts we tracked, Nikki generated a total MIV of $3.6M.

Welcome to our next installment of #KnowYourMIV - in this article, we are excited to analyze Nikki Wolff (@Nikki_makeup) and her MIV. Nikki, represented by The Wall Group, puts the artist in makeup artist through the content she posts on her Instagram feed. At our event, 'Behind the Face of Beauty,' makeup artist Neil Young, spoke on the fact that you "can never replace the expert voice, and there is a shift back towards this" when speaking about the demands of audiences for beauty content on Instagram.

This demand is proved by Nikki's success, as she has made waves on Instagram by sharing content related to the professional makeup she does for models and celebrities alike, rather than content of makeup on just herself. Nikki's work has been featured in Vogue, Haper's Bazaar and Elle (to name a few). She has also worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Jourdan Dunn, and Elsa Hosk.

In this #KnowYourMIV we have tracked the MIV® generated by Nikki's Instagram posts in relation to her product collaboration with Sweed Lashes. We also tracked the MIV she generated in her weekly Sunday Tutorials, where she shares a guide on how to create a specific makeup look every Sunday, on her page. To understand more about how our proprietary data algorithm Media Impact Value™ (MIV) works, read this article.

The top posts by Nikki Wolff featuring Sweed Lashes

Overall, Nikki Wolff generated $2M in MIV for Sweed Lashes via her Instagram account over a few posts in just one month. Here, we take a look at the top-performing posts by Media Impact Value.

Seeing double

The top-performing post was from the campaign photoshoot of #theNikkiEdition lashes when they first launched. The post showed off Nikki's work using the product, and racked up 68K likes, contributing to the high MIV. Nikki also used campaign hashtags for the collaboration (#theNikkiEdition and #NikkiSweed) cleverly creating a community for user-generated content of those who also use the product.

MIV: $105,061

1 or 2?

The second-highest performing post specifically for Sweed lashes was this carousel - showing two different looks on one model. Presenting how the lashes can transition from one look to another, this post was also from the campaign shoot, and the caption asked followers an open question, which encouraged increased engagement. This is a great way of upping conversation on her page as well as connecting with and engaging followers - building up a dedicated and switched-on fanbase.

MIV: $78,926

The 'No-lash lash'

This post was both extremely creative and honest as the caption explained the concept behind the 'No-lash lash' Nikki created with Sweed Lashes. This was the first image from the lash campaign and featured two different models wearing the same product. The lengthy caption helped provide context and a personal touch to the lash launch as many jumped to congratulate the makeup artist on the products.

MIV: $74,353

The Top Posts from Nikki Wolff's 'Sunday Tutorial' series (Sept-Oct) 

Nikki's 'Sunday Tutorials' are a weekly feature on her page and showcase both her makeup skills as well as the top products to recreate some of her iconic looks. Out of all of the posts we tracked, the top post overall was one from this series. Overall, Nikki has generated $1.6M across 8 posts from her Sunday Tutorials from September-October, an impressive amount that proves this type of content generates high levels of media impact.

The blue eyeshadow look

This video tutorial was the top-performing post overall, generating an impressive MIV of $429K. The video showed Nikki putting the final touches on the look she created for her Sunday Tutorial on her story, and directed followers to go and watch. Video content, in general, tends to receive 3x higher engagement than static posts currently, so it's no surprise this post came out on top.

MIV: $429,294

The Halloween look

This next post was a seasonal Cleopatra inspired snippet from Nikki's Sunday Tutorial in late October. These perform so well, as they showcase skills and techniques that Nikki has developed to her fans and followers, so they can replicate the same tips and tricks. This hits the nail on the head when it comes to the previous statement about a need for expert voices in the beauty industry on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. This video had 312K views overall (and counting).

MIV: $344,879

The full sculpted glam look

Another of the top posts on Nikki's page from her Sunday Tutorial series was this golden, glowy, glam look. This was a simple, wearable look that showcased a lot of classic techniques to show fans how to get the perfect full glam makeup. Nikki also uses the hashtags #sundaytutorial and #nikki_makeup on these posts, as hashtags work like SEO for content, sorting content by series and creator. Nikki has ranked on both hashtags and has all of the top/featured posts in these groups, which helps when it comes to branding a series like this.

MIV: $316,129 

We hope you enjoyed taking a deeper look at Nikki Wolff and the MIV behind her campaign with Sweed Lashes, and her Sunday Tutorials. Make sure to check out her page, and stay tuned for our next #KnowYourMIV, in December!

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