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#LaunchmetricsProTips Galleries Chapter 2: Showcase your collections in a digitally inspiring way

Gina Gulberti

In this #LaunchmetricsProTips series, we walk you through Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud, as well as its solutions and applications. Through short videos you'll discover all the benefits and features that each app has to offer. This article focuses on the creation of effortless and optimized digitally inspiring collections in digital showrooms via Launchmetrics Galleries.  

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Many brands are struggling to adapt to the emerging reality that seeking digital solutions is key to seamlessly connecting the constant interactions between the physical and digital worlds. From virtual fashion shows to digital showrooms, the fashion, luxury, and beauty industry is rapidly changing and evolving. Indeed, one of the most significant challenges for brands is keeping their storytelling and inspiration alive through the virtual format while effectively and efficiently communicating essential details about their collections.

Thus, that is precisely when a digital asset management software such as Launchmetrics can support industry players and leverage their performance. 

Is there a way to easily organize your collection and maintain its creative essence?

The best way to obtain the most successful exposure of your collection while maintaining its essence and creativity is through Launchmetrics Galleries.

Launchmetrics Galleries provides the ultimate solution for limitless creativity and efficiently organized assets that naturally tell the story of your most recent collection. Galleries enables brands to continue their storytelling beyond the fashion shows or presentations while offering an additional touchpoint to review and improve collections. 

First of all, you will have quick and direct access to your library: where all your collection images will vividly live. From this section, you possess infinite possibilities to organize unique digital showrooms, sharing with guests important collection details, inspiration, textures, videos, etc.

Launchmetrics Galleries

Indeed, Galleries offers you the option to develop personalized and tailored measured showrooms that fit your brand aesthetic: creating virtual collections with different fonts, adding specific tags/names. As well as separating your collection into divisions by organizing your images accordingly regarding their purpose.  

You will be capable of creating personalized and unique lookbooks, samples, and backstage sections through this feature. In addition, the communication between brands and clients will be optimized, as they can effortlessly contact each other requesting samples and keeping track of the send outs to professional profiles as Influencers and press. 

Why not check out our Launchmetrics #ProTips video to explore how to showcase your collection in a digitally inspiring way?

#LaunchmetricsProTips: Galleries

To build personalized digital showrooms for press and Influencers and holistically request samples: accomplishing phenomenal results, you just need to simply go through your library, select the images and place them within the desired sections; easy and time-efficient. Once all your visuals have been correctly organized according to your preferences, you can include the responsible contact. Consequently, recipients retain the possibility to maintain fluent communication for any inquiries or sample requests as brands can share contact information.

Galleries supports your brand to develop personalized and easy-to-manage requests digitally. The result will be a unique and personalized digital showroom that follows your collection’s parameters, visuals, and creative aesthetic. To share it with Influencers and press, you just need to copy the link and send it to your target audience. Getting coverage has never been so easy! 

Also, if you want to restrict the visibility or measure your collection outreach, you can secure it with a password. Through this feature, you can analyze the transcendence of your collection and obtain valuable insights for future projects. 

Amplifying your actions has never been easier, as well as planning and creating without limits using Launchmetrics' unified platform.

To help manage and truly take control of your digital assets, explore asset management through Launchmetrics Galleries by clicking on the banner below!

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