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Premium Makeup Power Players in February 2023

Power Players: Analyzing the Performance of Premium Makeup Brands in February 2023
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Discover the secrets behind the success of premium makeup brands in February 2023! Our data brief dives deep into their performance, highlighting the influential Voices that drove Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) across various divisions in the beauty category. We've analyzed the top brands in the makeup industry, providing an overall ranking to showcase the leaders. MAC Cosmetics emerges as the frontrunner, but many brands didn't fall far behind. However, while MAC Cosmetics experienced a significant increase in MIV® growth month-over-month, other brands faced a decline in MIV®.

But here's the game-changer: influencers. Our Voice Mix Benchmark reveals their pivotal role in driving the performance of premium makeup brands. Understanding the effective use of Channels and Voices is the key to enhancing marketing strategies and reaching your target audience through MIV® generation. This valuable insight becomes even more relevant as we've just concluded S1 2023, making it an ideal resource for comparison and gaining insights into the breakdown of achieved Media Impact Value™.

Remember, looking back is essential to shape your future. By deep diving into past data, you unlock the ability to formulate PR and marketing strategies that truly resonate. Historical performance and trends hold the power to uncover patterns, provide valuable insights, and guide data-driven decisions. With this knowledge, brands can replicate successful approaches, optimize messaging, and allocate resources effectively, establishing their dominance in the fiercely competitive premium makeup industry. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the importance of past data in shaping your brand's future success.

In this Premium Makeup Data Brief, you will find:

  • A ranking of some of the top performing brands in the premium makeup category
  • A Voice-mix benchmark analysis by Media Impact Value™ (MIV®)
  • The key Channels which generated the most MIV®
  • The top-performing Influencer and Celebrity placements driving the most MIV®
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