Data Briefs
Surfwear Brands Performance Analysis

A data analysis on the performance of Hurley and Billabong at their annual surf championships
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In the world of surfwear brands, competitions and events are vital platforms for showcasing new collections and expanding brand awareness. Our latest data report delves deep into the performance analysis of two iconic surf events: Hurley Sunset Beach and Billabong Pro Pipeline.

These two predominant surf events have become pivotal in surfwear brands' marketing strategies, generating significant buzz, engagement, and a combined total Media Impact Value (MIV®) of $17M. As experts in performance analysis, we dissect the data to uncover the precise tactics that contributed to their success.

Join us as we uncover the strategic moves behind Hurley and Billabong's sponsorship journeys. Gain valuable insights and a competitive edge in the dynamic world of surfwear branding.

Stay ahead of the game. Read the report now to read about the data-driven strategies that set these surf brands apart.

In this Surfwear Brands Performance Analysis Report, you will find:

  • Comprehensive analysis of event performance metrics
  • Strategies that drove engagement and brand visibility
  • The impact on brand equity and awareness
  • An in-depth look at MIV® generated by each championship
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