Data Briefs
Top Active Footwear Performers Q1 '23

A Performance Analysis of Five Athleisure Footwear Brands in Q1 2023
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Enhance your understanding of the active footwear industry with our comprehensive analysis. This in-depth insight examines the performance of five highly successful footwear brands. Furthermore, it delves into the influential Voices that have driven their Media Impact Value™ (MIV®). Through a meticulous examination of top-performing brands like Converse, Sketchers, Vans, Allbirds, and Superga, we identify the winning combination of Voices and Channels that have propelled their success.

Ultimately, by uncovering these valuable insights, brands can refine their marketing strategies. Additionally, they can optimize their reach to target audiences and maximize MIV® generation. You'll find in this report a detailed overview of the performance of these footwear brands in 2023 and their MIV® achievements.

In this Top Active Footwear Performers Report, you will find:

An industry overview of the active footwear market

  • The top Voices which generated the most Media Impact Value™ (MIV®)
  • A deep-dive into the top placements for the active footwear brands
  • Key findings on the five performing brands overall Q1 2023 results
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