Data Briefs
Top Watch-Wear Brand Collaborations

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In this data brief, we've undertaken an analysis of the noteworthy achievements arising from collaborations between watch-wear brands. Our investigation has taken us deep into brand performance, with a particular focus on key partnerships. These collaborations included: Mido x Kim Soo Hyun, Omega x Swatch, Rowing Blazers x Seiko, and Staple x Fossil. Overall, we've highlighted the campaigns responsible for propelling these collaborations to the forefront of the watch-wear industry.

Additionally, as we delved into the campaigns underpinning each partnership, a common and resonant theme emerged. The influential Voices that reverberate across segments, thus significantly enhancing the Media Impact Value™ (MIV®). Moreover, throughout the course of these watch-wear brand collaborations, the success of the Influencers' Voice is predominant. Our Voice Mix Benchmarks distinctly highlights the pivotal voice that steered each collaboration's trajectory. Furthermore, the analysis also delves into the strategic employment of Channels and Voices, uncovering the strategies that led to the highest MIV®. By grasping these details, brands can enhance their marketing tactics, enabling precision targeting.

Ultimately, this deep dive into past data on watch-wear brand collaborations empowers brands to formulate PR and marketing strategies that are resonant with the current market. The performance and discernible trends hold the potential to uncover patterns, valuable insights, and direct decisions rooted in data. Armed with this knowledge, brands are primed to replicate successful methodologies, fine-tune messaging, and allocate resources. Lastly, by harnessing the potential of past data to sculpt future strategies, brands can remain ahead of the curve, securing their path to success.

In this Top Watch-Wear Brand Collaborations Data Brief, you will Find:

  • An overview of some of the top performing watch-wear brand collaborations
  • A Voice-mix benchmark analysis by Media Impact Value™ (MIV®)
  • The key Channels which generated the most MIV®
  • The top-performing Influencer and Celebrity placements driving the most MIV®
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