PR Perfection: A Roadmap to Achieve Effective Campaign Launches & Success to your PR Agency Strategy

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PR Agencies are vital powerhouses behind successful brands. Curious to know how to achieve the highest PR agency excellence in this digital age? Leverage technology to acquire new clients and retain current ones.

Sample management, event organization and press distribution have evolved tremendously in this ever-changing digital environment. Yet simultaneously, the monitoring and reporting phase is critical when it comes to demonstrating results to clients and maintaining their loyalty to your agency's services. Agencies are obliged to stay consistent with digital changes while optimizing their resources and efficiency.

In this webinar, we will highlight the main objectives of PR agencies in the Fashion and Lifestyle sector today - while offering tips on how agencies can stay competitive. We will dive into the challenges faced when managing different types of on and off campaigns for your clients, and focus on the most critical element for any agency - reporting. In our webinar we will highlight the most appropriate metrics and report formats to cater to your clients’ needs, while showcasing examples of Launchmetrics tools adapted for agencies in the sector.

Watch this webinar to learn about Launchmetrics success stories and tools adapted for agencies in the Fashion and Lifestyle sector. Start improving your PR agency strategy today.

In this session you will learn...

  • The core objectives that drive PR agencies to maintain their competitive edge
  • How technology can optimize your day-to-day processes and the importance of Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) as your reference metric
  • Delve into the world of metrics, reports and coverage books designed to present client achievements in the most seamless way possible 
  • An exclusive look at The Riviere Agency and how they were able to digitize their services for clients

Meet the Speakers

Lori Riviere, Owner of The Riviere Agency

Tatiana Ferreira, Chief Customer Officer Launchmetrics

Brittany Wright, Regional Account Director Launchmetrics

Amara Zammit, Business Marketing Executive Launchmetrics