Unlocking Strategic Media Impact: Enhance Your Brand Visibility with an Optimized Sample Tracking System

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About the Topic:

Achieving Greater Media Impact With Your Samples

Samples getting lost on the way from manufacturing to the photo studio? Having trouble locating samples in a warehouse or archive? Missing coverage opportunities due to a missing sample? 

In the era of digital fashion, brands are under immense pressure to rapidly produce and distribute product samples. The intricate task of tracking these physical samples has become a significant challenge, with the potential for missing or delayed samples translating into substantial financial losses for brands, impacting sales opportunities and marketing endeavors.

The fashion industry, heavily reliant on physical samples, faces a surge in both volume and speed of circulation due to digitization. To meet consumer demand, brands must produce samples at an unprecedented pace, placing immense strain on tracking and accountability. On average, a fashion company circulates 2,000 samples per collection, totalling up to 12,000 annually, valued between $100-500 each. This means that brands constantly have $1.2-6 million worth of samples in motion

Managing these assets as they move swiftly worldwide is a colossal undertaking. Timely access to samples is essential for coordinating launches, media promotions, editorial coverage, and influencer seeding. Effective sample tracking is vital for downstream processes and revenue impact. In today's digital era, robust sample accountability is more crucial than ever.

In this masterclass, we navigate the challenges of modern sample tracking, sharing strategies to streamline this crucial workflow. Delving into the financial and operational impacts of sample loss, we showcase case studies and current process and technology solutions to maximize sample accountability. 

Moreover, we demonstrate how AI can efficiently correlate your sample send-outs with real media mentions of your brand. This functionality enables precise tracking, allowing you to assess the return on investment from your sample activation efforts. 

Meet Our Sample Tracking Expert Guest Speakers

Sara Morey serves as a Senior Specialist at Abercrombie & Fitch, where she has been instrumental in leading the Sample Library Operations since its inception in 2021. With a career spanning over two decades at A&F, she initially started within the company's Stores Organization. Sara is continually motivated by the exceptional growth and ever-evolving skillset of her team members. Currently, she resides with her family in Columbus, Ohio.

Sara Morey, Senior Specialist

Alex Crock began her career at Abercrombie & Fitch in 2015 in Merchandising, before transitioning to her current role on the Brand Operations team, where she supports the Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Design, and Planning functions. Alex plays a key role in guiding Abercrombie & Fitch's high-performing, product-facing teams through product development processes, strategic initiatives, and the implementation of customer-first solutions. Alex helped to stand up and manage A&F’s Sample Library build out & team in 2021, which has quickly become a game-changer in the way samples are managed on the Abercrombie campus.

Alex Crock, Brand Operations Team

Tatiana, Launchmetrics' Chief Customer Officer, joined the company in 2011 as Client Relations Manager handling customer success in the US before going on to manage the team as Director of Client Relations. Additionally, she has served as the company's Chief Experience Officer where she founded the Launchmetrics Academy to provide training and development to all employees. Tatiana holds a degree in Marketing and Information Systems from Loyola University, Maryland.

Tatiana Ferreira, Chief Customer Officer

Margot, based in Paris, serves as the Principal Product Manager in the Launchmetrics product team. Her role involves coordinating and driving the team to achieve a singular objective: creating the best product experience for Launchmetrics customers. Margot is dedicated to learning from users and stakeholders, aiming to develop the most impactful features and finding the right solutions for the most pressing needs.

Margot Sylvain, Principal Product Manager

Based in Miami, Trent serves as the Global Strategic Account Director at Launchmetrics. With a passion for assisting fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands in understanding their value across print, online, and social media, he brings extensive expertise. An avid traveler who has lived in 8 different U.S. states, Trent can provide valuable insights not only on cross-country relocation but also on optimizing brand performance.

Trent Cummins, Global Strategic Account Director

Based in London, Aleksandra is the Business Marketing Strategist at Launchmetrics, where she crafts engaging events and storytelling to help leaders in the industry optimize their brand performance. She is passionate about the Fashion, Luxury & Beauty industry and always curious to explore new innovations that will lead to meaningful advancements within the industry.

Aleksandra Rakowska, Business Marketing Strategist

sample tracking system software showing the feature of linking media placements to sample send outs

About the Masterclass:

Optimizing Your Sample Tracking System

Discover the secrets to optimizing your workflow for peak efficiency, seamlessly tracking samples across their journeys. Learn how to leverage AI for enhanced media coverage management, as the integration of artificial intelligence elevates efficiency and enhances the strategic impact of your PR efforts.

In this session you will learn:

  • Tips & tricks to optimize samples trafficking to improve efficiency by 80% and cut operating costs by up to 95%
  • How to track and measure the impact of your Sample Activations and maximize coverage with AI
  • How to identify the top Voices generating value for your Brand, and discover which product samples perform the best based on MIV®
  • An exclusive look at a Launchmetrics success story: How Abercrombie & Fitch mastered sample management

Watch now to transform your sample tracking into a core strength, fostering collaboration, accelerating timelines, and maximizing ROI.

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