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How Digital Marketing Is Transforming the Cosmetics Industry
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The beauty industry has experienced a radical change over the last decade. Like with fashion and luxury, the dawn of social media – along with other digital innovations – is transforming the way consumers discover and shop for beauty brands, forcing marketing professionals to constantly innovate.

From the undeniable power of the beauty vlogger to celebrities (and their makeup artists) on their social channels, the cosmetics market is a unique landscape and marketing professionals must understand the ins and outs to truly succeed in boosting their brand’s visibility, increasing sales and building brand loyalty.

Together with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, we’ve taken a closer look at beauty industry trends & brands’ digital marketing strategies, digging deep into the voices driving value, according to the data.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • Interviews with leading cosmetic industry experts.
  • The Italian Trade Agency’s influencer campaign success story.
  • Data insights on digital marketing strategies within the beauty sector.
  • The types of collaborations brands are carrying out with influencers.
  • Key stats on the current state of cosmetics.
Fill in the form below and you'll receive the ebook via email