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The New Beauty Rules

beauty marketing trends

The rules of the beauty industry have been rewritten this year, as 2020 has thrown a slew of challenges at brands that have altered the way in which they speak to consumers. Not only has the beauty industry changed, but so have the marketing strategies and trends that generate the most success as a result of these shifts. In this report in partnership with Cosmoprof we have not only included a full data analysis of the industry across 2020 so far but also a survey of beauty professionals who have shed light on the impacts of Covid on their marketing strategies, budgets, and more.

In this report, you will find:

  • An analysis of consumer demands and their impact on marketing performance
  • The effect of #blackoutday on MIV®
  • The most valuable channels and Voices for brands
  • Direct feedback from beauty professionals on the direction of their marketing budgets and investment trends

More about the report:

In order to illustrate the shift and impact that the pandemic caused on your brand, it is key to effectively analyze what are the new strategies, markets, and values that consumers are engaged with in the beauty industry today. We break down how to set the right channels and Voices for your brand, the most efficient strategies to connect with consumers, as well as how to adapt budget and investment needs to see a good Return on Investment (ROI).

In this short guide, we endeavor to answer an array of important questions to help you understand your brand's new needs and which areas of focus you need to implement for your marketing strategy to see an overall strong brand performance. Download it to get all the insights!