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How to Benchmark Performance at Industry Events [Worksheet]

Benchmark performance at industry events

Industry events like Baselworld or SIHH play a crucial role in the Luxury sector, particularly when industry insiders come together with brands to launch new products and build buzz around their name. But with costs continuing to rise, you may be wondering if investing in these events is still worth it. To benchmark brand performance at industry events is a crucial step in evaluating these marketing efforts.

At a time where budgets are being spread increasingly thin, benchmarking performance at industry events has never been more important. Comparing Share of Voice and other key metrics against competitors, as well as, understanding where and how brand value is being created can help you calculate the impact of event attendance.  

Download the worksheet in which you'll benchmark performance in these three key ways:

  • Compare global coverage metrics against top competitors to see how you ranked.
  • Understand where brand value was created by identifying top voices and key contributors.
  • Track owned media performance to see what resonated the most with your audience.

More about the report:

Industry events are a great opportunity to capture the global spotlight but that often means you’re competing against many other brands for your share of media coverage. In order to measure your performance, this worksheet will walk you through some key metrics to help measure the brand value and Media Impact Value™ generated during important industry events such as benchmarking global media metrics against top competitors, understanding which Voices created the most impact as well as tracking owned media performance across your social accounts.

Download this free worksheet to measure your success at Industry events.