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Berlin Fashion Week | by the Data


Berlin has consistently been known to be the creative core of Germany, nurturing both emerging and long-standing talents in its lively city scene. This edgy and exciting city is attracting fashion industry experts and drawing attention amongst the general public all around the world to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

With the help of our data team, we've analyzed each show with Launchmetrics' proprietary algorithm, to understand the true impact of Germany's main fashion event across social and online platforms. We've broken down which brands and influencers ranked highest by Engagement and Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) during the Fall/Winter 18-19 season, as well as the countries which generated the most interest at the event.

What you’ll discover:

  • Which brands generated the most MIV® at Berlin Fashion Week.
  • Which voices drove the value for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.
  • What the hot topics were at Fashion Week in Berlin according to hashtags.

More about the report:

In order to discover a ranking of the brands and influencers which drew the most attention during Berlin Fashion Week by MIV®, Engagement and Hashtags, we broke down the numbers and put together this detailed report. You will also discover a breakdown of the countries that generated the most interest during this industry event.

Download this report to get access to our data analysis and insights to understand how this Fashion event solidified its influence in the global fashion landscape and made it evident that its time to pay close attention to this strong fashion force.