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Big Data: Fashion’s New Black

Big Data: the game changer that's transforming the fashion industry
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The fashion and retail industry is experiencing an acceleration process that we must not ignore, as well as a highly competitive environment. Precisely for this reason, the data must be faithful allies for the brands of the industry. It is no longer necessary to “imagine” what our users want or need, or what trends are born from online channels; Now it is enough to go to the data to know and predict it.

Real examples of trendy brands that use data innovatively, infographics, interviews and much more is what you’ll find in this ebook that we hope will help you understand the importance of the famous ‘Big Data’ in the fashion and retail sector.

What you’ll discover in this eBook…

  • The challenges of the professionals of the fashion industry around the use of the data
  • A ‘Big Data’ resource center with indicators you can use before, during and after your collection launches.
  • Interviews and articles by experts such as the company Style Coalition or the institute of studies of fashion and Italian design Polimoda Research Hub
Fill in the form below and you'll receive the ebook via email