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The Ultimate Fashion
E-commerce Checklist


Online apparel sales grew 12% in Spain in 2016 according to the latest Modaes Economic Report. From the smallest retail stores to the largest online marketplaces, in this digital era each of these fashion e-commerce companies have a series of ‘musts’ to follow if they wish to remain competitive, adapt to the needs of online consumers, and ultimately offer an experience that is capable of converting online visitors into future loyal consumers and brand ambassadors.

What you’ll discover in this Whitepaper:

  • Data on 2018 predictions for e-commerce.
  • The importance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for online shops.
  • Expert opinions from the likes of Stylight and Kate Spade.
  • The challenges omnichannel businesses face, the new Instagram Shopping features and the tailoring of mobile sites for the smartphone experience.

More about this whitepaper for fashion e-commerce companies

This fashion e-commerce checklist will provide you with a series of tools to help you identify the trends that are being defined by the major fashion e-commerce players. You will find facts, figures, examples and a wide range of resources, along with industry experts’ opinions to help you understand the new e-commerce scenario. You'll learn about the new “holy grail” of shopping to boost sales knowns as Instagram Shopping among other tactics to create a successful e-commerce strategy.

Download it to get all the insights and the know-how for top overall brand performance and Media Impact Value™!