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Data on the Runway '19: The Voices Dominating Fashion Week

fashion week data report

This year, for our second annual Data on the Runway report we’ve teamed up WGSN, the authority on consumer and design trends, to uncover the main strategy and business trends around the big four international fashion weeks. By relying on our Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®), and through our Voice-centric approach, we’ve put together this in-depth analysis to better understand the strategies each brand leveraged in their race to engage today’s consumer.

In this fashion week data report you’ll learn...

  • How 360° campaigns, rebranding strategies or a change in fashion week location can impact a brand.
  • Which regions generate the most impact for each fashion week.
  • Who the buzziest influencers and celebrities are for brands.
  • Which brands garnered the most MIV®.
  • Exclusive insights from WGSN.

More about the data report:

As fashion week has become a global platform to connect with today’s digital savvy customer, new “Voices” have emerged and play an integral part in tapping into previously untouched audiences. In order to analyze the impact of a changing reality for fashion brands, we break down the report in a comprehensive data analysis where you'll learn about the effectivity of brand's strategies, who the buzziest influencers and celebrities are, which Voices garner the most MIV® for brands, and key regions brands can tap into. We also delve into the 360-degree campaigns and rebranding impact, and explore brands like Burberry, Celine, and Emporio Armani.

Finally, you will access as a PDF download, the top ranking SS19 Shows between New York, London, Milan, and Paris according to MIV®. Download the report to get all the insights in the face of the challenges that the sector is experiencing.