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The Top 20 Power Players in Luxury-Fashion's Leading Markets (Q2 2021 Data & Rankings)

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In this third edition of our Top 20 Power Players Report, you will find a new quarterly analysis on the successes and growth within three leading markets, and luxury fashion ranking. After unprecedented declines within the luxury market in Europe, the US, and China as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, brands across all industries have worked hard to recover lost ground.

China has already demonstrated a steady recovery (the only region in the luxury segment that saw growth in 2020, up 45%) thanks to strong domestic spending on luxury and remains predicted to be the world’s largest luxury market by 2025. As a result, China continues to present the greatest opportunity for growth in the sector, leading luxury fashion brands in Europe and America to increase investment in marketing campaigns to reach Chinese consumers.

This quarterly report will explore the top 20 ranking of luxury fashion brands by MIV® and how their impact varies across the US, Europe, and China, to understand who is seeing the most success and growth.

In this report, you will find:

  • The top 20 luxury fashion brands in China, Europe, and the US by MIV®
  • The top social media posts for each region in Q2, 2021
  • The Voices resonating the most with consumers, globally
  • The channels that facilitate the highest performing marketing strategies in luxury fashion, during the quarter

More about the report:

In order to reach a new audience brands must adapt, integrate, and utilize the channels and marketing that are native to Chinese brands and consumers. We break down what types of Voices, Channels and social posts by MIV® are dominating across China, Europe, and US. We also explain why Mega and Mid-Tier Influencers represent the most value for luxury fashion brands by region.

Finally, this report features a quarterly analysis on the Top 20 Fashion-Luxury Brands by MIV®. This ranking shows which brands are excelling, what strategies they are using, and the value they are generating from a regional perspective. Download it to get all the insights!