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Measuring Beauty Marketing Success

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Measuring your PR and Media strategy is essential to understand the impact these actions have on overall brand performance and beauty marketing efforts. However, it has always been a challenge to transform media mentions into something tangible to demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI).

Welcome to our new eBook 'Measuring Beauty Marketing Success' where you will discover exactly the right tools and resources to track your brand's PR efforts and perform media monitoring.

In this eBook, you will find:

  • Measuring Marketing Success in Beauty: Why is it so important?
  • 6 Key Questions before Monitoring your Brand and Measuring your PR efforts
  • Understanding Vanity vs Actionable Metrics: measure what matters
  • Monitoring global efforts, from East to West
  • Tracking daily activity through Internal Newsletters
  • Reports: Demonstrating efforts at different levels

More about the Beauty Marketing eBook:

In order to illustrate the impact that PR efforts have on your brand, it is key to effectively measure your beauty marketing strategy online, in print, and on social media. We break down how to set smart objectives, are which are the right questions to ask before monitoring your brand campaigns, as well as how to identify the types of reports that are most suitable for different stakeholders in and outside your company. These are the defining factors for doing PR like a pro and generating top Media Impact Value™.

In this short guide, we endeavor to answer an array of important questions to help you understand how to measure your PR and Media strategy and its impact on beauty marketing results and overall brand performance. Download it to get all the insights!