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The State of Menswear


data analysis

With exclusive shows and presentations being organized in fashion capitals including Paris, London, Milan with Florence and New York as well as many other small cities around the world for menswear, there is a very different feeling about the necessity of these events half a century after their founding. And the question in these fashion capitals is: What is the future of the menswear fashion week? And we'll find the answer through data analysis.

In The State of Menswear report we’ve performed a thorough data analysis - putting our proprietary Media Impact Value™  algorithm (MIV®) to use - in order to better understand the buzz that menswear brands are generating at the major men’s fashion week capitals.

In this report you’ll learn...

  • Which men’s fashion capitals are leading the scene according to MIV®.
  • The voices behind the impact for menswear brands.
  • A closer look at the effectivity of co-ed shows.
  • The impact of Micro and Mid-Tier Influencers.
  • A deeper analysis of the success behind these 4 major shows: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Valentino.

More about the report:

We're bringing you the first ever report on the impact of Men's Fashion Weeks around the world (from New York and London, to Milan with Florence and Paris). In this report, we analyze the notable differences between women's and men’s fashion weeks, the impact of Micro and Mid-Tier Influencers, and noteworthy stories of brands that have organized 'co-ed shows', as well as an in-depth look at the media impact generated by the top menswear brands of the season.

Download the report to discover the data and conclusions you need to help you better understand what the future of menswear holds.