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PITTI UOMO 95: A Look at the Data from the Italian Trade Show

pitti uomo 95

This year, we were entrusted by Pitti Immagine with the mission of analyzing Pitti Uomo 95 (the menswear trade fair that takes place in Florence bi-annually), this January at the 95th edition. In order to uncover the buzz that the events, designers, brands, and influencers garnered, we put together a thorough data report. Our team of Data Scientists put our Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®) to use and the findings are fascinating.

In this report you’ll learn...

  • Which brands and designers generated the most value.
  • Which voices and channels led the conversation around the event.
  • Where in the world Pitti Uomo 95 was being talked about.
  • How the newest initiatives at the trade fair performed.

More about the report:

For this report, we crawled data from 4-day trade fair to analyze the impact and breadth of the event’s reach. We analyzed online and social media coverage during the event thanks to our Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®) on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, online media, photo galleries, and blogs. We looked deeper into the presence of the Pitti Uomo trade fair, but also key events, sections, influencers, and relevant details, such as the Y/Project Show, the Pitti Box, and Mariano Di Vaio.

Download the report to access a detailed breakdown around the buzz that was generated at the event.