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Sample Management with Big ROI

sample management

ERP systems offer endless benefits for brands including a centralized inventory tracking system and sample cost monitoring. However, IT departments often struggle with supporting PR teams’ sample management activities because ERP systems are not built to track these products individually - especially to external locations like editorial publications and photo studios.

Brands end up implementing a separate platform for their PR team which causes many duplicate processes such as uploading sample files, product images and descriptions. The result is doubling the workload as well as potentially causing discrepancies among databases.

What you’ll learn in this eBook, launched in partnership with Dedagroup Stealth:

  • How to sync your ERP system with your samples tracking platform
  • The challenges of monitoring PR samples
  • The benefits of a sample management module

More about this eBook:

Tracking samples is an essential activity for all FLC brands and agencies. However, with the increasing complexity of the projects managed in this department, IT teams do not always have the best tools to support PR teams’ many requests and needs. In this report, you will be able to learn about the benefits and limits of your ERP's ability to manage and track individual samples as well as how a samples module works and why it can drastically improve your PR and IT teams' efficiency when managing samples to improve efficiency and achieve brand performance objectives such as top Media Impact Value™.

Download this report launched in partnership with Dedagroup Stealth to get all the insights and start doing sample management like a pro!