How Debenhams Reduced Sample Loss by $100K/year


Debenhams & Launchmetrics

Debenhams plc was a British multinational retailer operating under a department store format in the United Kingdom and Ireland with franchise stores in other countries. The company was founded in the eighteenth century as a single store in London and grew to 178 locations across the UK, Ireland and Denmark. It now operates as an online retailer only.

Debenhams' Challenge

The press team of Debenhams had to set up a fashion showroom in order to bring operations across all product areas in-house. This meant the team needed to manage the traffic of samples going in and out of the showroom. However, the lack of an accurate digital system made it difficult to track the products that were sent from the store as samples, resulting in sample loss and inefficiency.

The Solution

Debenhams’ press department implemented Launchmetrics Samples in order to reduce the costs incurred from sample losses and to establish themselves as an efficient and professional showroom. A digital system was crucial for their day-to-day operations and, since implementing the software, the team was able to track every purchased product through the system, using the Samples Area tool to easily locate an item.

The Result

  • 10x less sample loss with more than 100K GBP saved every year
  • With Launchmetrics Samples the time spent looking for samples was reduced 4x
  • Improved team collaboration and better communication with key contacts

“By reducing samples loss, Launchmetrics helped us to save budget and time. Now we know exactly where a sample is at any time."

Senior Showroom Coordinator at Debenhams

Launchmetrics Solution Samples

Brand Debenhams

Industry Fashion

Customer Since 2016

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