How Debenhams Reduced Sample Loss by $100K/year

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10X less Samples loss each year

Reduced time spent on samples by 4X

Increased press opportunities

Debenhams is a multinational retailer based in the United Kingdom. As an international department store, Debenhams needs to traffic high volumes of samples to press and influencers every season. The press department recently established a showroom facility in order to consolidate operations across all product areas – fashion, home and beauty – in-house.

Debenhams‘ sample management process was handled manually, resulting in product losses and a lack of control over missing stock. The work was also very resource-heavy and inefficient. The press team decided to work with Launchmetrics to implement a digital sample tracking system with the objectives of reducing costs, saving time and improving the coordination with internal departments and external partners.

“By reducing sample loss, Launchmetrics helped us to save budget and time.”

Nerissa Pratt.  Senior Showroom Coordinator at Debenhams

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