How Debenhams streamlined sample management
to reduce product loss and increase productivity.

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The Challenge

Debenhams’ manual process of maintaining and tracking samples proved to be unreliable and time-consuming. Without an accurate system, costly product loss was a consistent issue.

The Solution

  • Centralized System: A central location to easily update or view sample information, print labels and plan sample needs based on current and future collections.
  • Sample Tracking: A unique barcode placed on every sample allowed for instant tracking of send outs and returns.
  • Accurate Insights: Ability to access important metrics and insights through in-depth inventory audits, send-out history, and sample request reports.
  • Seamless Transition: Debenhams was able to easily import existing samples data into the system to expedite the launch process.

“By reducing sample loss, Launchmetrics helped us to save budget and time.”

Nerissa Pratt.  Senior Showroom Coordinator at Debenhams


Debenhams improved managing both time and sample loss while creating a more collaborative team environment.

  • 10x less sample loss each year
  • Time spent reduced by 4x
  • Increased press opportunities
  • Greater communication

Launchmetrics: the secret to
Debenhams's success

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