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4 Beauty Brands' Inspiring Influencer Campaigns in China

Launchmetrics Content Team

It seems that in the blink of an eye, the end of Q1 2022 is already upon us - no doubt due to the amount of high-quality beauty KOL campaigns we've been privy to. Beauty brands have certainly been busy so far this year!

So, among these KOL marketing campaigns, which have garnered the most attention? What other KOLs are worthy of brand recognition?

MAC Releases Metaverse Light and Magic Makeup, Opens offline Pop-up Stores.

On February 21, MAC announced at the Tmall Super Brand Day it would be joining up with the virtual KOL AYAYI to begin its journey into the beauty industry's Metaverse.

Now, engaging with customers in the Metaverse is growing increasingly popular with fashion and beauty brands. Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week - four days of runway shows, fashion experiences, and pop-up shops, featuring some of the most renowned names in the global fashion - has just come to a close, for example.

It should also be noted that China's Gen Zers are no strangers to engaging with the digital Metaverse. They regularly communicate on virtual avatar social apps like Jelly and Zepeto, as well as viewing live streamers on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao Life. It's certainly a space beauty brands need to keep a close eye on.

MAC also opened the optical illusion future space station in the outer square of the Shanghai Jingan Jiuguang Department Store. Many bloggers followed in the "virtual" footsteps of AYAYI, imitating the KOL's focus on "pretty pink" styles and shades.

The trending Weibo tag #cloudshinebrighter surpassed 60 million views, with beauty KOLs such as @SnowTreasureFairy(雪宝Fairy), @superMooooooo, @PandaSisterPapa(熊猫姐姐Papa), and @tangyihun(汤易困) all generating hype around the event.

Using the Launchmetrics China influencer Analytics platform, we can see that a @SnowTreasureFairy(雪宝Fairy) Weibo post received about 2,000 interactions, creating the highest Media Impact Value™ of 80,839 yuan. At the same time, there are also many KOLs and KOCs on their own social media that imitate AYAYI’s “Metaverse Light and Magic Makeup”.

KOL@雪宝Fairy 's Weibo Post
KOL@雪宝Fairy 's Weibo Post

YSL Launched a new product: ROUGE VELOURS perfume

At the beginning of the year, YSL added a new member to its haute couture fragrance series - ROUGE VELOURS perfume. The neatness of YSL haute couture is captured in every angle of the perfume's bottle and interprets the collision between velvet rose and mysterious patchouli chypre fragrance beautifully.

Using Launchmetrics' data monitoring platform, we can see that @Savislook, with 4.14 million followers, recorded and presented a series of high-quality fashion blockbusters in the form of videos. The pictures are beautiful, and the French romance is clear to see. Her video content has gained a decent amount of interaction on Weibo, with 70 retweets, 683 comments, 1800 likes, and 91,000 Media Impact Value™ .

Xiaohongshu KOL, @1saye, who has 1.2 million followers, displayed the products in the form of pictures and neatly written copy - something that drew the attention and discussion of many of her fans. She is also the blogger who created the highest Media Impact Value™ for products in the YSL's campaign, with 417,000, and her number of interactions reached 30,000.

YSL's product activity was mainly focused on Weibo and Xiaohongshu, of which Weibo accounts for 11% and Xiaohongshu for 81%, with the remainder distributed across Station B and WeChat public accounts.

On Xiaohongshu, the number of page views of the #YSL couture collection has reached 4.34 million.

In terms of bloggers, "top-tier" bloggers accounted for 14%, "mid-tier" bloggers 12%, and micro and long tail bloggers around 66%. It can clearly be seen that YSL attracts and drives the participation and discussion of medium and small bloggers and KOCs through the high-quality content production of "top-tier" bloggers, so as to maximize exposure.

Data from Launchmetrics China influencer Analytics Platform

Givenchy hosts make-up dinner to boost brand awareness

Recently, Givenchy Beauty Cosmetics - inspired by the Black Energy Collection series - held the “Natural High Dignity Streamer Court” dinner party at the Bellagio Shanghai Suning Hotel.

Cai Xukun and Li Bingbing, the spokespersons of Givenchy make-up, attended the event and talked primarily about skincare. Fashion bloggers @tingtingyu(凌听雨), @QiQiliangliang(QiQi靓靓), @xianglingguse(香菱鼓瑟), and @tianqiu(甜仇) all participated in Givenchy’s offline activities and posted content on their social media accounts.

It can be seen from the Launchmetrics China influencer Analytics Platform that the bloggers invited by Givenchy were primarily "top-tier" bloggers. The content posted by @QiQiliangliang on Weibo gained particularly high exposure and interaction numbers. Although it was displayed in the form of daily wear content, it gained 3,300 interactions and created a Media Impact Value™ of 85,000 yuan.

Beauty brands may want to consider inviting the media and KOLs to participate in make-up dinners and similar events. They're fun, less formal, meaning many bloggers are more willing to spontaneously publish content around the even, providing more organic exposure for brands.

Chanel held a limited-time pop-up at No.1 Garden, with KOL and KOC actively weighing in

The most popular offline pop-up event in Shanghai was the “Chanel No.1 Garden” at Taikoo Li, Qiantan. The pop-up store was decorated and colored with red camellia, promoting the brands' new product line of the same name.

Chanel’s pop-up store attracted a large number of bloggers, including KOLs @fakesister(Fake姐), @Mecca, @Mr.JiLiang(吉良先生), and @GracesFantasy(Grace的幻境) all of who posted event content on their social media channels.

Again, by using the Launchmetrics China Influencer Analytics Platform, in less than a week it gained 44,000 interactions and a Media Impact Value™ of 2 million yuan. Among them, the content posted by @中慧玲Kiko on Weibo scored the highest Media Impact Value™ of 101,000 yuan and nearly 4,500 interactions.

I hope the above case studies serve as inspiration for your future campaigns, and highlight just how effective the use of KOLs can be in generating awareness.

If you'd like to gain insight into your brand’s social media presence, as well as that of your competitors, then Launchmetrics China Influencer Analytics Platform is worth taking a closer look at. It allows you to monitor competitor KOL activity, provide benchmark comparisons, analyze various KOL metrics such as Influence, number of posts, interaction rate, etc., as well as Launchmetrics' Media Impact Value™.

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