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Caro Daur: Analyzing the Influencer’s Impact with Stylight

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Fashion month and, in particular, the major fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) are naturally a crucial moment in the calendar for all who work within the industry. Desiring high impact results that reach particular consumer groups, the incorporation of celebrity and high-tier influencers into fashion brand marketing strategies is now commonplace during this period. But what results do these tactics produce for brands and to what extent? We partnered with the world's leading online search platform Stylight to analyze the $4.4M in Media Impact Value™ that German Influencer Caro Daur generated during Fashion Month and her impact on consumer demand and potential sales. 

Before delving into the data, it’s important to have a sound idea of why companies develop strategies with influential figures, like Caro Daur, during pivotal moments like fashion month. There’s no denying that the fashion industry was among the first to channel the power of the Influencer Voice and involve them in brand activities. As the industry has evolved, aside from offering key opinion leaders (KOLs) invites to shows and official events, brands take advantage of the occasion to partner with them and work on product placement content. By this, we mean offering clothing, accessories and even makeup as part of a collaboration between the brand and KOL. 

One of the main drivers for activating such tactics is to take advantage of the huge draw that fashion weeks have on media and consumer groups and to work with trusted voices that could potentially increase product visibility amongst specific target audiences. 

To understand the potential of these tactics and the extent to which these partnerships impact on brand visibility, we collaborated with Stylight in this article to look at:

  • The MIV® that German All-Star Influencer Caro Daur generated during fashion month (February 6th to March 4th),
  • What impact she generated in select posts that were labeled as advertisements in partnerships with brands during this period.
  • If her influence drove consumer demand for the brands and products featured in the posts according to fashion search engine Stylight. 

As highlighted above, Caro Daur racked up an impressive $4.4M in Media Impact Value™ during fashion month via the publications that she shared through her own social channels. Over the course of the time period measured, her content went on to earn over 2M interactions, increasing the reach, and therefore its impact for both her and the brands featured. It’s worth noting that many of the posts shared by Caro Daur during fashion month were done using street style format, showing that brands mentioned in influencer content have the possibility to earn sizeable MIV® even when not at a branded event. But to what extent does this convert into product demand


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When a classic returns and it’s simply @Prada Perfection 👜 take a look at my stories to see more about the #PradaBowling Bag 🤍💥Anzeige #ad

Una publicación compartida de Caroline Daur (@carodaur) el

Whilst attending the shows in Milan, Caro collaborated with Prada and created a feature post with the classic Prada Bowling Bag. The post went on to garner a solid $54.6K in Media Impact Value™ for the brand, and Stylight’s search platform registered a 51% increase in clicks on Prada products during the 48 hours following its publication. What’s more, turning our attention to the look that the influencer was wearing and, in particular, the short-sleeved sweater, Stylight showed a 229% increase of interest in this product category during the same time period. 


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Très chic at the @louisvuitton dinner 🍸 Anzeige

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Similarly, the content she created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton whilst attending their dinner at the Paris fashion week, we see an even greater peak in demand. Caro drummed up an impressive $94.3K in MIV® and Stylight reported a weighty 123% increase in clicks on Louis Vuitton products in just 24hours, again highlighting the clear impact that authoritative figures can have on brand demand. 

Even through multiple brand posts, we can draw out a clear correlation between Caro Daur’s influence and her impact on consumer interest. 


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Creme de la Creme 🍰 photo by @styledumonde Anzeige

Una publicación compartida de Caroline Daur (@carodaur) el

In a publication created for Paris fashion week, she is shown wearing multiple brands and products. Among them is a white coat by French fashion house Nina Ricci. Not only did the KOL generate $80.9K in MIV®, but interest in the brand increased by 54% and the category for white coats by 53%.

In conclusion, brands are able to generate substantial impact through partnerships with influencers, like Caro Daur in this instance, with paid strategies or actions that are part of a gifting program. These types of activities don’t have to be reserved to just fashion weeks or larger brands, smaller companies and newcomers to the industry can leverage the buzz that KOLs can generate. By incorporating these opinion leaders into marketing strategies, the combined data of Launchmetrics and Stylight proves that brands can increase demand among consumers. Learn more about the impact created by Caro Daur during fashion month on Stylight, here, featuring data by Launchmetrics. You can also access the German language version of the landing here. 

Interested to see how else the four major fashion weeks impact the industry and consumers? You can gain further insights in our recent report Data on the Runway 2020: Decoding Key Industry Shifts Through the Data.

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