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#BBMoment: Daisy Edgar-Jones' Edit for Hourglass Cosmetics

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Typically, influencers have dominated the beauty industry as the top choice for brands when it comes to partnerships and collaborations. However, in 2020, this has pivoted, as we have seen a boom in the popularity of brands beginning to leverage celebrity partnerships and collaborations. In our recent report, Marketing Reset: A Data Snapshot of the Beauty Industry, we saw that during the first trimester of 2020, the Celebrity Voice grew exponentially in terms of its evolution for the luxury and premium beauty segments – 90% and 54% respectively – in comparison to the first trimester of 2019. Today, brands are choosing to partner with larger Voices such as Celebrities in order to reach a much wider audience, and likewise, consumers are looking towards more authoritative figures as a trusted source.

A Curated Collection by Daisy Edgar-Jones

Hourglass has been a brand that from the very beginning has had a commitment to building a cruelty-free brand and protection of animal rights and, with Daisy Edgar-Jones sharing staunch values by being an active supporter and advocate for the Compass Collective initiative, this partnership makes for a perfect example of how important it is to find a champion for values that goes beyond the product itself. 

In our latest #BBMoment, we explore the data behind Daisy Edgar-Jones’ Hourglass Cosmetics partnership and how the luxury beauty brand leveraged one of the most coveted names in the UK landscape to further their reach in a more local market.

Celebrities and Media were the top Voices

During the period of July 15th and September 3rd, 2020, Daisy’s curated edit for Hourglass generated a total of $466.9K in Media Impact ValueTM. There were two main Voices that contributed to this total value; Celebrities and Media.

Firstly, it comes as no surprise that the top Voice for this partnership was Celebrities, and that this value was generated by the actress herself. Daisy garnered a total of $304K in MIV® for the beauty brand through only two posts on her Instagram account – one of her at the BAFTAs wearing Hourglass Cosmetics and the second being her go-to make-up look tutorial on her IGTV. This accounted for 65% of the total Share of Value. Celebrities are great for generating awareness and, generally speaking, they accumulate a higher MIV® value through a smaller number of placements. This formula usually represents a great brand efficiency, making their posts go farther than if they collaborated with a larger group of individuals that have smaller audiences.

The second top Voice was Media. Although this particular Voice generated a slightly lower Share of Value ($126.5K), they achieved a larger Share of Voice (which represents the number of placements by the Voice). What’s worth highlighting for the brand is that they had a total of 33 Media placements, (all being via UK specific publications) which really helped amplify the brand's presence within the UK market. The top placement for Media was from Hello! Magazine, with Daisy Edgar-Jones sharing her favorite products from the edit that she created in partnership with Hourglass as well as featuring the make-up tutorial that she originally provided for her audience on Instagram. This singular article garnered $19K in Media Impact ValueTM.



One of the things that made this celebrity partnership so successful is that Hourglass chose a figure that is extremely relevant within the market they are targeting as Edgar-Jones is high in demand across the fashion, luxury and beauty industry. The actress is continuously working with multiple brands across the landscape making her an authoritative Voice that consumers look toward for advice and honesty when it comes to product promotions. For more on how you should pivot your strategy in this new climate, and how other brands are utilizing Celebrities within their marketing strategies read our latest report:


daisy edgar-jones hourglass

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