karen wazen pantene

Karen Wazen generated $1.3M in MIV® for Pantene Arabia across just 5 posts.

karen wazen pantene

Welcome to the latest installment of #KnowYourMIV! This month, we take a look at localized influencer collaborations and their success in drumming up value for brands in order to unlock niche and specific audiences. All-Star Influencer Karen Wazen and her collaboration with Pantene Arabia is the perfect example of an ongoing campaign that consistently drives value for the beauty brand, and allows room for creative freedom that ensures Karen's content really resonates with her dedicated audience. Not only is Karen a content creator in the fashion, beauty, and luxury spaces with over 4M followers, but she is also a business owner of her namesake premium sunglasses brand. 

Over the past year, Karen has been working with Pantene Arabia, creating content mentioning the brand across her Instagram account. To gauge the impact that this action generated for the brand, we used Media Impact Value™ (MIV®),  our proprietary data algorithm, Read how it works in this article.

#KnowYourMIV: Karen Wazen x Pantene

Overall, Karen accumulated $1.3M in MIV® across just 5 placements on her Instagram. This gives her an impressive average MIV® of $262K per post, as well as an overall engagement percentage from this content specifically of 25%. Below, we analyze the top-performing posts overall, in order to get a better picture of the type of content that resonates and converts in campaigns like this.

Love is in the hair

The top-performing post overall had over 308K likes and spoke directly to Karen's followers. The creator detailed her love and appreciation for her supportive following and directly thanked them for taking part in her journey with Pantene Arabia. Although a branded post, this content fit into her feed seamlessly and was a genuine message that didn't put the entire focus on product promotion - something that audiences are looking for in the content they follow today. Allowing creators to have this intellectual and creative freedom when it comes to both their content and captions during brand-collaborations, is a recipe for success, as their followers are much more receptive when they feel like they are hearing from their favorite creator, and not from a brand that has directed their favorite creator. 

Total MIV: $325,255 

The giveaway

The second top-performing post by MIV® was a post that allowed Karen Wazen to give back to her followers, in partnership with Pantene Arabia. Not only is this a great marketing move, but giveaway posts like these also tend to drum up high levels of engagement, as audiences are encouraged to like, share, and comment on the post. This giveaway was unique in that Karen encouraged her followers to post a throwback snap on their feed or story with someone they miss, in order to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of Pantene Superfood products. Within the carousel post, Karen shared a snapshot into her life, featuring an array of posts with her sister, Andrea.

Collaborating on a giveaway that goes beyond likes and shares, and encourages audiences to get creative and have fun during quarantine is a clever way to open up dialogue not only between Karen and her following but also between Pantene Arabia and Karen's following. The creator encouraged entrants to tag Pantene Arabia, as well as use their hashtag, which meant the brand too could follow and engage with the posts of those that chose to enter, initiating and building genuine relationships that aren't initially built on a product sale.


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❤️❤️❤️GIVEAWAY ❤️❤️❤️ - One person I can’t wait to see when this is all over is my sister @andreawazen Post a photo with someone you miss and can’t wait to see for a chance to win 2 full ranges of #pantenesuperfood products delivered to you and that special person ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ All you need to do is post a throwback photo on your feed or story with that special someone and tag: @pantene.arabia & #pantenesuperfoodgiveaway ————————————————— *Terms & Conditions apply ————————————————— من الأشخاص يللي كتير اشتقتلهم وحابة شوفهم بعد ما هالفترة تخلص هي اختي @andreawazen انشروا صورة لالكن مع شخص اشتقتولو كتير وحابين تشوفوه، ليكون عندكن فرصة تربحوا مجموعتين من بانتين سوبر غذاء للشعر لئلكن وهالشخص. كل اللي لازم تعملوه تنشروا بوست أو ستوري انتو مع هالشخص وتستعملوا هاشتاق pantenesuperfoodgiveaway# & @pantene.arabia *تطبق الشروط والأحكام

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Total MIV®: $242,842 

Curly hair how-to

Proving that beauty tutorials are still essential for brands during Covid, the third top-performing post by MIV® was this heatless curly hair tutorial, which accumulated a total Media Impact Value™ of $199K. This kind of value-adding content consistently performs well in terms of media value, as it provides followers with product knowledge and education. The heatless tutorial also fits in with the overall brand messaging of Pantene's Superfood range, as it focuses on natural, nourishing ingredients that help build hair immunity.

The video has over 1.7M views (and counting) and was received particularly well by Karen's followers. Whilst the creator used the Pantene Superfood Oil, the product wasn't required in order to achieve the look, making the tutorial a soft and successful product promotion. This type of content works well for brands in that it opens up the funnel for audiences to consider a product, without initially flagging a post as product promotion.

Total MIV®: $199,302

Karen's collaboration with Pantene Arabia is one of the most successful we have seen in terms of the ability to drive high levels of Media Impact Value™ across such a small number of posts. Interestingly, a large majority of these posts were also created in the wake of Covid, when a lot of brands and influencers suffered in their ability to perform amidst a global pandemic - proving that the right, thought-through, and considered partnership can actually aid brands immensely despite the wider industry context.

The relatability, creativity, and autonomy in the longstanding partnership between Karen Wazen and Pantene Arabia are what allowed the duo to see success, reach niche audiences, and accumulate MIV®. Bringing entertainment, beauty know-how, and education together in an influencer collaboration is what will make partnerships successful today and in the future, as audiences not only look for but demand content that is value-adding.

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karen wazen pantene


*Cover photo via Cosmopolitan Middle East

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