#KnowyourMIV: BryanBoy x Dior

Céline Sabbagh

Welcome to our series #KnowYourMIV. In this article, we are looking into BryanBoy and his long-term collaboration with French Maison, Dior. Creative consultant, global influencer, trendsetter, and TikTok sensation, Bryan Grey Yambao also known as BryanBoy is one of the most noteworthy influencers in the fashion industry today. 

Bryan first launched his fashion blog back in 2004 from his parents home in Manila, the Philippines when he was just 24 years old. Not long after, in 2007, he was awarded the best fashion and lifestyle blog at the Philippine Blog Awards. Just a year later, Bryan posted a video entitled Leave Marc Jacobs Alone which caught the designer’s attention and named his popular BB bag in honour of the Filipino blogger. Since then, Bryan has been seated in the front row.
3.9M TikTok and 786K Instagram followers later, Bryan is considered to be one of the Influencers that is shaping the industry of today. He partners with the biggest fashion houses around the world, travels the world for fashion week and is also part of the founding team of The Perfect Magazine as International Editorial Director. 

Through our proprietary algorithm’s Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), we analyzed the impact Bryan generated for Dior through his posts on social media.

#KnowYourMIV: BryanBoy x Dior

Overall, BryanBoy generated an impressive $1.8M in MIV® across 67 placements on his social platforms in 2022, including TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.  His posts with Dior included looks of him attending several Dior fashion Shows, unboxing video of Dior accessories, himself with VIP guests at Dior events and more. 

A deep dive into the analysis between BryanBoy x Dior

Overall, on TikTok, BryanBoy generated $1.6M in MIV® across 16 placements accounting for 84% of the total MIV® generated. His top placement mentioning the brand is a TikTok post of himself attending the Dior Fall/Winter 2022 show where he saw the South Korean Actress and Singer, Jisoo. The post alone generated a grand $451K in MIV®.


Dior Fashion Show with Jisoo!

♬ original sound - Bryanboy

For his second top post on TikTok, BryanBoy is getting ready for the Dior Fall/Winter 2022 show in his hotel room in Paris. He shows his look and invitation card to his followers. The post gathered a total MIV® of $286K.


Reply to @liajinnieeee Dior show today

♬ original sound - Bryanboy

For the Dior Winter 2022 Men’s Fashion Show, BryanBoy shared a video of himself getting himself make-up ready for the show with Dior beauty. He walks us through his favorite Dior make-up products which includes the Dior prestige micro serum to prepare his skin, the Dior backstage foundation and the Dior Skin Correct concealer. This tutorial video generated a total MIV® of $94K and ranked 4th as per his top placements on TikTok.


Getting ready with Dior Beauty

♬ original sound - Bryanboy

When it comes to Instagram, BryanBoy generated $204K in MIV® across 12 placements overall out of the total MIV® generated. His top placement on the platform is himself unboxing a pair of shoes from the latest collaboration between Birkenstock and Dior. BryanBoy mentioned ‘Obsessed with this super chic @Dior x @Birkenstock collaboration! #DiorBirkenstock’ as part of the caption for the reel. The post generated $34K in MIV®.

As for Twitter, BryanBoy generated $83K in MIV® for the brand across 37 placements. He also posted on Facebook and YouTube about the brand this year which generated $4,789 and $285 in MIV® respectively with only one post on each platform..

We hope you enjoyed this installment of #KnowYourMIV where we analyzed the impact generated by BryanBoy for Dior across his socials platforms.

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