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Meet the Makers | Lucy Hitchinson, Senior Account Manager

Launchmetrics Content Team

Today we shine the spotlight on Lucy Hitchinson: Senior Sales Account Manager at Launchmetrics UK, Tough Mudder enthusiast, and history buff.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from…

I come from a really small town outside of London. When I would visit the city, I thought, “Oh my god this is such a big, scary place. I don’t know if I can work here.” But then all my friends started to move there. I started working all over London and now I know it quite well, so it’s not so scary anymore.

How did you get into Sales?

I actually thought I was going to be a writer so I started working at a Publishing company in the classified sales section, obviously thinking that one day an editor was going to read my beautifully written emails and give me a job! But then I started to maintain relationships and work on big deals, and I got addicted to that.

What do you like about Sales?

I liked the fact that it’s very much about whether the clients like you as a person or not. The product is important, but they’ll buy more if they like you. It’s people buying people. There’s a lot of validation when people love your product and they love you.

What led you to Launchmetrics?

I was working at a large trend forecaster and really enjoying learning about the design and marketing process of Fashion and Retail. However, I felt that within the business, I didn’t have much autonomy in creating my own leads and working more internationally. I started looking around and my boyfriend found the role on Linkedin. He said he would charge me a fee if I got the job!

But really, the deciding moment was when I met Jenny (Managing Director for the UK). She’s so honest, knowledgeable and on the ball. She talked about the good points and the challenging points of the job, and it was refreshing that everything was laid out like that. I knew that I could take everything on and understood what I needed to work towards.

What's your role at Launchmetrics?

My role is to develop new and existing clients for Launchmetrics. This is through a mixture of cold emails and calls, networking at relevant events and responding to incoming leads through the business.

Do you feel like you’ve made an impact in the company's future?

I recently signed a large German retailer to the business (one of the biggest in Europe) and this was an area that we didn’t have much of a footprint in. I think that this will be a big stepping stone for us into the German market and beyond.

What’s the most interesting challenge you have faced while working at Launchmetrics?

For me, the most interesting aspect is working with PR and understanding the relationship between brands and the agencies and where that crossover is. When these brands have their press days, it’s like the most gentle sales process ever.

What’s your favorite app?

Instagram! It’s so addictive and I love that it’s completely visual and inspirational (I can’t make Snapchat work).

Who's your favorite designer?

It’s a toss up between Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier. I love the stories that Alexander McQueen tells and that everything is beautifully tailored. Jean Paul Gaultier is naughty but fairytale-like, and his sailor and mermaid motifs are my favourites.

What is the first thing you read in the morning?

If I need to give my brain a rest, I read the Metro (free London paper). If not, I read my Kindle. Jenny will call me a nerd, but I am currently reading about Ancient Egypt!

Any advice for people looking to do what you do?

Grow the thickest skin you possibly can and never stop thinking outside the box.

Do you have a motto about your workflow?

One of my directors once said that you should be always like a swan, moving gracefully across a pond but paddling frantically underneath.

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