The Beauty Stars of the 90th Academy Awards Ceremony According to Data

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Awards season is officially over and while we spent the night honoring the best talents and films from the industry, we're still reminiscing about all the beautiful, elegant, and daring fashion moments that happened on the Oscars red carpet that happened only a couple of weeks ago. As this year's Academy Awards ceremony marks its 90th year, we wanted to gather data around the sartorial affair and take a moment to honor the brands and designers who successfully stole the spotlight in the media.

Through our audience-driven Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) algorithm, our team of data experts analyzed online and social media mentions for beauty brands present at the Academy Awards Ceremony and we monitored their coverage from February 28th to March 9th. Below, we highlight some of the best beauty moments on this year's red carpet.

The Best Beauty Moments on the Oscars Red Carpet

1. Fenty

When cult beauty brand Fenty Beauty first launched its line last September, it caused quite a stir in the industry for its inclusive foundation shades that targeted hard-to-match skin tones. The brand generated nearly 18K posts, 296K engagement, and $1.1 million in media impact value (MIV) at the Oscars, with the top post being an article from Huffington Post, discussing the beauty look of British star Daniel Kaluuya done by his makeup artist Amber Amos. Not surprisingly, the top three keywords associated alongside the astonishing number of post mentions were "Fenty Beauty", "Daniel Kaluuya", and "Oscars".

2. Glossier

Another millennial-favorite beauty brand, Glossier, strategically premiered their first-ever metallic eyeshadow, Lidstar, causing a stir when Hollywood stars Tiffany Haddish, Tracee Ellis Ross, Salma Hayek, and Award-winner Allison Janney stepped on the red carpet with shimmering eyelids. The successful debut was a recreation of its product launch strategy from last year's Oscars, in which they premiered hot-selling blush, Cloud Paint. The debut at the Academy Awards this season garnered over 800 posts, 59K engagements, and generated over $710K in MIV.


Next up is the provocative beauty brand, NARS. The brand generated just 99 posts but created a substantial 68K in engagement. With the help of the likes of director Ava DuVernay and actress Emma Stone, the beauty brand received more than $200K in MIV with the top post written by online publication The Cut. The brand also received strong engagement from beauty influencer @Eman who attended multiple Oscars parties and shared her beauty looks through Instagram and a 7-min YouTube tutorial.

4. MAC Cosmetics

As one of the leading professional beauty brands, MAC Cosmetics has a reputation that goes beyond having great products. It is also known to be inclusive, diverse, innovative, and extremely socially-conscious around some of the most critical issues in the world. This year, MAC generated 378 posts but saw an impressive engagement of 152K and $130K in MIV. Both beauty influencer Jade Marie's post on Instagram and Moschino's post were ranked as the top posts for the MAC Cosmetics brand.

5. OPI

No beauty look is complete without a flawless manicure. The American nail color and nail care products manufacturer, OPI, made the top 5 list this season. With only 27 posts generated, the brand saw 7.6K engagement and over $85K in MIV. The top three keywords associated with the generous response were "Chanel Gown", "Elite Made", and "Inspiration." Not surprisingly, the "Chanel Gown" keyword made it on the top keywords list through Australian actress, Margot Robbie, who not only wore a Chanel custom gown but had a beautiful OPI manicure created by Hollywood manicurist Tom Bachik.

Celebrity dressing is one of the oldest types of influencer marketing and none of the most iconic Oscars red carpet looks would be complete without beauty brands being involved. Both fashion and beauty brands have become smarter at how they can creatively work with influencers at major affairs. As we look at the data surrounding the 90th Academy Awards Ceremony, the brands who successfully stole the spotlight on-and-off the red carpet showcased the power of celebrity influencers and how strategic partnerships with the right ones can help to not only boost brand awareness and engagement, but also to reach new consumers and debut product launches.

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