Top 10 Makeup Brands, Ranked by MIV® (S1 '22)

Launchmetrics Content Team

In October, Launchmetrics published our inaugural Business of Beauty report, analyzing over 700 top beauty brands to understand the industry trends and best practices. We reviewed the total MIV® by brand for all 700+ beauty brands across color cosmetics, skincare and fragrance categories. 

Today, we will deep dive into the makeup category specifically to identify the top brands, trends within color cosmetics, and best practice case studies. Color cosmetics, as a product category within beauty, often leads engagement; it is no surprise that the top-performing brands in makeup also account for the top-performing brands within beauty overall. For example, the four leading makeup brands (MAC Cosmetics, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury and NARS) also appear in the top 10 rank in the Business of Beauty report.

Top 10 Makeup Brands, by MIV®

MAC Cosmetics claimed the throne as the number one makeup brand in S1 of 2022. The brand garnered over $184M in MIV® within makeup specifically, leading the Estée Lauder Companies prestige beauty portfolio. Following MAC Cosmetics, we see an usual suspect, Dior, closely behind as number two, with $181M in MIV®. Dior’s performance was heavily influenced by one Korean celebrity, Jisoo Kim, which we will double-click into later in the blog. Charlotte Tilbury was ranked number three, with $134M in MIV® and a particularly strong performance within social media channels and influencer Voices. Tilbury was one of the few top-performing brands that improved their performances year-on-year.

Top 10 Makeup Posts, by MIV®

Above, we analyzed the top 10 placements by MIV® within color cosmetics specifically to understand what type of content resonates best with the makeup audience. Dior and Kylie Cosmetics stole the spotlight when it comes to the top-performing makeup content. 

The key to success for both brands hinged on heavily leveraging celebrities and influencer Voices, especially on Instagram. However, their strategies were completely different: 

  • Dior’s success was thanks to Jisoo Kim, who managed to account for the top five best-performing makeup placements from herself alone. She produced many candid and lifestyle content with short and concise captions, mentioning the brand.
  • Kylie Cosmetics’ top-performing makeup posts were more campaign-oriented. Being a celebrity-founder herself, she often promoted her own brand on her personal Instagram account. The top-performing posts often featured new launches or campaigns and had the products front-and-center.

While Kylie Cosmetics accounted for four of the top-10 best-performing makeup placements, the brand was not part of the top-10 best-performing makeup brands. This shows that in order to win in a category, the brand must go further than having a few select high-performing posts and develop a more nuanced, multi-channel and Voices strategy.

MAC Cosmetics: Share of Voices, by MIV® and Top 5 Posts, by MIV®

While MAC Cosmetics was the number one brand within makeup-specific MIV®, the brand did not necessarily appear within the top-10 overall makeup placements as above. MAC Cosmetics’ key to success revolved around an always-on, high-quantity strategy. The total number of placements for MAC Cosmetics was more than 50% higher than that of Dior, for instance.

In addition MAC Cosmetics boasted a strong performance within its owned channels compared to the other top-performing brands that leaned more heavily on Instagram specifically. The brand also garnered a significant share of MIV® from YouTube, especially when it comes to media partners mentioning the products.

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