Top 10 Makeup Brands, Ranked by MIV®

Top 10 makeup brands, ranked by MIV® (S1 '22)

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To deliver a successfully marketing strategy, makeup brand campaigns must begin on the right foundations. Luckily, when it comes to foundations, we've got you covered.

How, we hear you ask? With data. Data in the form of our Business of Beauty report. This report is jam-packed with insights. It includes an analysis of over 700 top beauty brands, brushing and blending through the top trends and best practices.

As we poured through the industry, our experts reviewed the total Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) of all our contenders. For a snapshot of the biggest players, we've compiled three blogs across cosmetics, skincare and fragrance.

Today, we address the makeup moguls and the secrets behind their highest value campaigns.

Top 10 Makeup Brands, by MIV®

We'll begin by evaluating our top ten brands. It may come as no surprise that color cosmetics, a product category within beauty, often leads engagement.

Our report only cements this fact further, as our top-performing makeup brands also account for the top-performing overall beauty brands.

Let's look at the data a little deeper - specifically, our ranking's four leading makeup brands (MAC Cosmetics, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury and NARS).

In S1, MAC Cosmetics claimed the throne as the number one makeup brand after garnering an impressive $184M+ in MIV®. Yes, MAC certainly drove the Estée Lauder Company's prestige beauty portfolio into the spotlight.

Closely behind at number two and following our makeup favourite, we find Dior. The competition was eyelash-curlingly close, as Dior achieved $181M in MIV®.

A key Voice that activated Dior's performance was the much-loved Korean celebrity and Influencer, Jisoo Kim. We'll assess Jisoo's startling contribution to Dior's success a little later on.

Charlotte Tilbury ranked at number three in our table, with a whopping $134M in MIV® and a strong performance within social media and influencer Voices. Tilbury was also one of the few top-performing brands to improve its performance year-on-year.

Top 10 Makeup Posts, by MIV®

Next, we look at the top ten placements ranked by MIV® to understand the specific content and nuances that resonate with makeup audiences. Dior and Kylie Cosmetics certainly stole the spotlight in this section.

Similar to Charlotte Tilbury's strategy, the key to both brand's successes hinged heavily on leveraging celebrities and influencer Voices (especially on Instagram). However, our deep data dive found some interesting differences in these makeup brand strategies:

  • Dior’s success came through the team's collaboration with Jisoo Kim - who executed the brand's top five best-performing makeup placements without breaking a sweat. Jisoo produced candid lifestyle content which she complemented with short and concise captions. Just one Dior name-drop ensured impactful and effective engagement.
  • Kylie Cosmetics’ top-performing makeup posts were more campaign-oriented. Being a celebrity-founder herself, she often promotes her brand through Owned Media (her personal social media accounts). Top-performing posts featured new product launches or campaigns, with the products themselves featuring at the forefront of any shoots.

While Kylie Cosmetics accounted for four of the top ten makeup brand placements, the brand was not part of the top 10 best performing makeup brands overall.

This shows that, in order to win in a category, brands must innovate beyond relying on a few high-performing posts. More nuanced, multi-channel Voice strategies must be considered.

MAC Cosmetics: Share of Voices, by MIV® and Top 5 Posts, by MIV®

makeup brands top posts

While MAC Cosmetics didn't appear within our top ten overall makeup brand placements, the team's success was still unavoidable.

MAC's key to success lies within its always-on, high-quantity strategy. For instance, MAC Cosmetics' total number of placements was more than 50% higher than that of Dior!

In addition, the makeup brand boasted a strong performance within its Owned Media channels. That is, compared to the other top-performing brands that leaned more heavily on Instagram specifically.

The brand also garnered a significant share of MIV® from YouTube thanks to a lot of media partner mentions.

Contouring the perfect campaign

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