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Roundup: The Best Digital Luxury Campaigns of 2016

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Katie Cole

2016 has been a lot, to say the least. While there may have been more lows than highs for some, we certainly have had fun seeing all of the digital luxury campaigns that were brought to us this year. The campaigns we saw throughout this year were innovative, creative and harnessed the digital element of today’s generation.

Find our favorite luxury campaigns of 2016 below.

Bentley Motors

Bentley launched an app called Bentley Inspirator this year, which uses emotion recognition software to perfect the Bentley car, just for you. It does things like analyze your facial and emotional reactions to point you to the right colors, interiors, etc. that will be perfect for you. It’s only available on iOS, but it’s one hell of an app.

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We already know that Burberry is a master of content marketing, but their Art of Trench campaign really took consumers by storm this year. Asking those who wear their products every day how they wore and customized their trench coats allowed Burberry to connect with their customers on a more personal level. They recognized the value of getting their customers to help with their marketing by showcasing the style of their most iconic piece to consumers around the world.

luxury campaigns 2016

Tiffany & Co.

Another brand recognized for its history of excellence, Tiffany & Co. took on a new digital campaign this year when it launched #LoveNotLike. Capitalizing on the current generation’s need for likes, Tiffany & Co. promoted their ‘Return to Love’ designs with the idea that love will always trump likes. They made history by becoming the first luxury brand to buy a Snapchat lens and incorporate that into their campaign. They also encouraged users around the world to share “exactly what makes their heart skip a beat”.

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Calvin Klein

If you haven’t seen a #mycalvins ad this year, where have you been? The Calvin Klein campaign that took the world by storm features anyone who is anyone describing their favorite activity to do in their Calvins. The ads were present everywhere, from magazines and billboards to Snapchat and Instagram. It inspired users around the world to also share what activities they found themselves doing in their Calvins and even inspired many Halloween costumes.

luxury campaigns 2016

Jimmy Choo

Utilizing video, Jimmy Choo replaced commonly spoken phrases with the word, “you” in them, and replaced them with Choo to introduce their 24:7 collection. The video is visually pleasing, shareable, tongue and cheek, and fun – all qualities that the Jimmy Choo brand emulates. Speak Choo, as the campaign was called, was fun and a new way to incorporate the rise of video into the house’s marketing strategy.

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The 90s has made a comeback this year and Balmain was there to capitalize on that trend when they shot Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell in their ad campaign. Not only did they capitalize on the 90s, they also focused on the year’s fascination with the #squad. The women represented a sisterhood of the 90s and the rising of supermodels. Creative Director Olivier Rousting also recognized the fact that we look to the past to gain inspiration for the future. We are constantly looking back, so who’s to say the models of yesterday are not the models of today?

luxury campaigns 2016


Now that we’ve gotten these great campaigns out of this year, can we please fast forward to 2017?

Let us know what your favorite campaigns were.


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