#TheStrategySide: The Importance of Digitizing Collection Launches with Tatiana Ferreira

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It’s time for the fourth installment of #TheStrategySide by Launchmetrics - our podcast series that takes a closer look at the best strategies for the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. For today’s episode, in light of accelerated digital transformation as a result of Covid, we speak with Chief Customer Officer at Launchmetrics - Tatiana Ferreira, on the importance of digital collection launches for fashion, luxury and beauty brands. In this episode of #TheStrategySide you will learn: 

  • The benefits of a digital collection for brands in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries.
  • The role of data intelligence and its integration into digital collections in order to forecast trends, and drive decision-making.
  • The global opportunities brands can expect as a result of digitizing their collection launches. 
  • What insights the measurement of digital assets can reveal to marketing to increase brand performance.

Launchmetrics · #TheStrategySide: The Importance of Digitizing Collection Launches with Tatiana Ferreira


Take a Deeper Dive:  According to the latest update of the McKinsey and BOF report, it is estimated that around 20% of fashion and luxury consumers will move to online channels. Covid-19 has only accelerated this process, and so brands in the industry are discovering and exploring new ways to showcase their collections online, to a global market. This process not only increases the efficiency of time-to-market but also allows brands to speak to a wider-reacher audience. With China forecasted to make up 41% of fashion, luxury and beauty consumers by 2025, it is essential for companies in this space to stay ahead of the curve and reach consumers who are active on unfamiliar channels. In order for brands to improve their brand performance, they have to pay attention to the assets that the professional industry and their audiences are responding to. 

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