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After another year, Influencer Marketing is still flourishing and many companies still hope to leverage influencers' strong following to reach organizational goals. As costs for influencer marketing programs increase, proper measurement on ROI also becomes key for brands. This year, our State of Influencer Marketing Report focuses on discovering what new priorities companies have for influencer marketing, what value influencer marketing brings, and what influence actually means for different industries.

Before we start, we'd like to share our top 3 major findings from the State of Influencer Marketing Report 2015.

1. Building Brand Awareness

During our survey last year, 93% of those surveyed considered influencer marketing as an effective strategy to build brand awareness and many companies acknowledged working with influencers on areas such as content promotion, product launches, and content creation.

Companies also found that Twitter was their key channel for influencer engagement during 2015. With many companies now utilizing visual channels such as Instagram and Snapchat to engage with their audiences, it will be interesting to see whether Twitter will still be the go-to channel for brands this year.

2. Finding the Right Influencer

Although Influencer Marketing is an effective strategy for building brand awareness, 75% of our participants found that identifying and choosing the right influencer was their main challenge. Secondary to influencer identification, 69% believed that finding the right engagement strategy was another challenge.

3. Investing in Relationships

From our 2015 report, 74% of those surveyed said they wanted to increase (33%) or maintain (41%) the budget allocated to Influencer Marketing. After a year, we hope to discover what has changed for companies when it comes to investing in relationships and developing campaigns.

To dive deeper, this year we will be segmenting different industries and we will take a look at the different business values achieved through Influencer Marketing strategies. Click below to join us and help us discover what #InfluenceActually is.

State of Influence

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